Does anyone know anything about gardening?

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  • As I have said earlier, I normally cut an L shape in the post to exactly fit the frame, then screw it together so the frame sits directly on the post. However, sometimes I have to screw to the outside of a post in places, I haven't had one fail with 4x 6mm stainless screws in 20 years. I have only had one decking come down and that was because 45 tons of next doors' garden subsided straight through it!

  • I have only had one decking come down and that was because 45 tons of next doors' garden subsided straight through it!

    Fail to plan, plan to fail...

    (Kidding, obvs)

  • Planning to start hardening them off from Friday when temps increase then plant out next weekend

  • Thanks.

    I've optimistically tried to harden a few off as well as one of my Fat Babies and they don't look happy about it.

    Do you usually do a couple of hours increasing daily or just a full blast in the daytime, then back inside for bed?

  • Full blast then back inside for bed

  • did someone suggest planting pyracanthus for security purposes on fence boundary?

    I reckon that's what i'll be doing across the back of my garden. the thorns on those plants are epic, also berries for the birds, maybe even some future bird nesting sites too. I just need to get several lines of training wire across the back, six plants x 5 metre coverage = £48 from B&Q would be sufficient. I won't look forward to trimming this once established, those thorns can pierce the toughest gloves.

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  • if I was to forego the bamboo in my planting scheme, what are other fast growing nice looking bushy hedges ? I like the look of photinia red robin

  • what are other fast growing nice looking bushy hedges ?


  • photinia red robin

    That is a stunning shrub, especially the young leaves providing a beautiful red contrast before maturing to evergreen. not sure you can smoke it though @tinakino, lol

  • photinia red robin

    Based on my anecdata, which has a single data point, they're not exactly fast growing.

  • we have a nice marbled pink photinia if you fancy something slightly different?­photinia-fraseri-pink-marble-10L-pot.htm­l

  • Not strictly gardening, but....

    Who does garden furniture covers that aren't total shite like 99% of those sold online seem to be?

  • elaeagnus

    all worth considering

  • Mare's tail

    I think from a bit of Googling that’s a different Mare’s Tail (Horsetail), a non-aquatic plant.

  • The aquatic variety is also invasive if not controlled.

  • I managed to sprout some butter nut squash from seeds and would like to plant them but i only have a small balcony what is the plant to pot size ratio i should look at ? i was thinking 2 plants in a pot of about 7 to 10 liters hopefully ill be able to grow vertically with some canes. would this work ?

  • 2 [butternut squash plants] in a pot

    I’d give them solo pots, as big as you have space for—square might be significantly more effective than round on a balcony. They’re basically very elongated courgette plants, and don’t like to be crowded. A bold choice for a confined space, good luck

  • yeah having read up a bit they look to spread out quite a bit. If I can get them to grow up might be OK. Thanks for the advice.

  • I expect they will want airflow in order to reduce mildew and if they're anything like other squash like things, heat. Lots of heat.

  • It's quite sheltered and gets half a day of direct sun. I'll give it a go and see what happens might have to just have one plant rather than the 12 I've got sprouting! some guerilla gardening near by might be done

  • Was struggling to imagine how to screen above our 3' garden walls (once they're fixed up). Would Clematis Rubens be trained along horizontal wires? I have about 10m to cover so would probably use one at each end and one in the middle.

  • Arghhhh temps dipping

  • We have a pyracanthus hedge in the front garden (originally to discourage the neighbours kids from using it as a BMX track) with red yellow and orange berries produced at slightly different times. The local blackbirds prefer the yellow ones and won't touch the red until all other food has gone.

  • If I see another sleeper this month I shall not be responsible for my actions. Much steeper than it looks, each step is 16cm, type1 roadstone infill.

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  • looks like California plus grass where are you?

    AND can you provide me with some advice on this area to get it on a more rapid growth trajectory to completion?

    I planted all the trees (there are 5 more behind me) and the privets and turned over the dirt and put down the stones and put in the scotch moss blobs.... Is there something more competitive and faster growing than the moss? I don't want grass there. Was hoping to make the area into a mystical forest but I've lowered my DIY expectations.

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Does anyone know anything about gardening?

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