Does anyone know anything about gardening?

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  • This is our woodland bit in the back of the garden that I’ve been mucking around with over the last few months. Got some old boys to put a gate in the hedge to avoid a long hilly walk. Didn’t realise my legs were that long..

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  • Yeah I plan on getting a mixer as I have 2 walls to repair and a shed base to pour, unfortunately 2nd hand ones seem to go like hotcakes around here. I do need to get a laser or water level so I can check my levels properly. Pretty sure it's as deep as it's needs to be in the middle but there's plenty of gravel/soil/rubble left at the back and down the side path that needs moving and the less I have to cart through the house the better.

    Thanks for all the advice by the way, this is definitely the most involved DIY project that I've ever planned so it has a lot of potential for me to fuck it up without guidance!

  • I'll PM you my number, far easier than lengthy screen-tapping.

  • Anything I can do to protect the stem (trunk almost) of this rose?

    Ants usually nest there, and I guess what has happened is they've built up soil that I've brushed away, but some of it has still remained and started to hold water and damage it.

    I'm thinking use a paint brush to clean it out. Then keep on top of any ants that come back there with ant killer.

    I'm guessing the reason they nest there and at my other one is to eat the aphids that usually end up on them.

    Anything else I should be aware of?


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  • ants farm aphids - they don't eat them, they encourage them.
    ladybirds (grubs and beetles) and hoverfly (grubs only I think) eat them.
    discourage the ants and you should have fewer aphids too.

    sorry no advice on the rose.

  • Roses are tough cookies. I'd just pick a nice dry day and give it a blast with a hose to wash out any loose soil

  • Nowhere near Notts are you?

  • I’ve got some massive rocks in E17 which you’re welcome to. The big ones weigh a ton though. If you had an ads drill you could break them a bit. Free

  • I want to remove the hedge from the right and replace it with bamboo. Remove this one and line the whole with plant barrier, tape it up and plant bamboo? Any issues with that?
    (Ignore annotations)

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  • Is it a spreading bamboo? They're alarming and will try all sorts of tricks to escape. You can get good clumpers.

  • Yeah I was thinking clumpers would be safer but mean buying more. I really hate that existing hedge but for sure need to be safe as don’t want my garden to be overtaken!

  • I remember an episode of ground force where they planted bamboo into a container sunk into the ground to stop it spreading.

  • container sunk into the ground

    This us what my aunt and uncle did.

    Personally I would do that and choose a non-spreading variety from a reputable seller.

    I know the UK is not Latin American tropics, but after seeing how epic bamboo can get I'd er on the side of caution.

  • Pedant, pedent, it's all the same. ;)

  • Good shout.

    After reading I think I'm going to double up by buying some gel and Nematodes.

    Previously I took a let live attitude, but I don't want this rose fucked up.

  • you might have been allowing the ants thinking they control the aphids, it's the opposite so get rid of the ants if you want rid of the aphids. you can also buy ladybird larvae from the same places as nematodes (I didn't know you could get nematodes for ants?)

  • Anyone seen this kind of fencepost before? Specifically with the offset. The obvious search terms aren't bringing anything up.

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  • Is it a fence post or just an L shape with the longest side in the ground.

  • Appears to be 2 bits of U-channel welded to a bit of square tube. The bolts are just holding on the timber above.

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  • Isn't it most likely fabricated to fit?

  • Looks pretty bespoke. Really odd thing to do but I suppose they were trying to achieve something specific

  • Flower beds dug. Damn flowers and plants are expensive.

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  • I guess they were trying to solve the problem I am - how to retain the 4ft stone wall but add privacy from adjacent gardens. Problem is they've managed to fuck with the look/integrity of the wall too by removing all the coping stones in order to make this fit.

    My only thought is maybe they were trying to create a a tight fit to the wall to stop cats getting through - a laughably futile objective though.

  • Simple.

    Install dog.

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Does anyone know anything about gardening?

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