Does anyone know anything about gardening?

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  • Lovely! Enjoying the best of my tomatoes at the moment and looking forward to some carrots from the allotment too.

  • Do you do this in reverse? I have a concrete path I need removed...

  • Sure, I rather like breaking things (ask any frame builder). It rather depends on where you are and whether you mind waiting about 3 weeks.

  • No rush at all! I'm E17.

  • Ok, it's a complete bastard to get there from my place, but PM me a picture and dimensions....

  • What's eating my tomatoes?

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  • Squirrels eat ours

  • Slugs?
    I can't see any rodent sized bite marks - it looks more like the holes I'm finding on my windfall apples, sometimes with the offending gastropod still feeding...

  • Some brave slugs ate my chocolate habeneros last year

  • stripped a few plants this morning of their bountiful harvest

  • Blimey those toms are a bit perfect, even the same size. I stripped ours this weekend in the hope that some come good on the window sill.

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  • Anyone help with some identification of a recent purchase please . Top soft spiky is a Sedum but what are the trailing, I think there’s two different plants (one has a more woody stem).

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  • Stick them in a paper bag with a banana inside and close it up. Check every 2 days. Worked a treat on our green tomatoes.

  • My sister reckons it’s one of these (she assures me this is all one plant at her MIL’s house), again no idea on the name.

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  • What's the best time of year for pruning crabapples? I missed out on doing this bushy thing, and it's gone a bit nuts this year.

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  • Winter, once the leaves have fallen (hopefully in a symphony of autumnal glory).

    Also, don't forget to buy a leaf blower to pointlessly move leaves from a to b whilst annoying the neighbours. 7am on a Sunday is an old favourite.

  • Been away for a week in the IOW and enjoyed some sun on the bike and a decent harvest when we got back

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  • That’s muehlenbeckia, it’s a creeping vine. The yellow Pom Pom stuff growing out of it In photo posted below is craspedia..

  • Doing my best Walter White impression here and this is one of a number of 6ft Ricinus plants we have grown from seed. Just be very careful where you plant it and try not to touch it with bare hands

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  • Literally amazeballs. Thanks.

    @Aroogah great tip, cheers

  • We’re still going strong on the harvest front. Every couple of days we get a good lot to pick. I’ve got more tomato whispering to do, let it get a bit wild recently. And these are forum beans, @clefty ‘s beans!

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  • From one runner bean seed planted on the off chance it might grow, this is the second harvest and looks like a third to come if we keep any sort of weather. Amazing really!

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  • All the rain yesterday left out lawn looking lovely. Then the combined effort of me pruning and mini-H playing has left bits of it muddy as fuck.

    I remember last year it looking like the Somme after a few months.

    Is there anything I can do?

    We have the heaviest of clay clay soil and it's worst next to the shed which has a concrete base and I discovered has a tonne of pretty solid hardcore around it.

    Current thoughts are sand - but how can this be done cheaply in a large quantity? Or maybe putting another set of paving stones on top of the existing ones to give a less sodden path.

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  • I also called time on most of my tomato plants.

    Tomato and chili chutney, blended and frozen, and then this is the balance left to ripen.

    The green zebra have taken an age to ripen. Probably only 10% have just ripened properly on the vines themselves. With this rain I thought it was probably best to do the rest indoors.

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Does anyone know anything about gardening?

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