Does anyone know anything about gardening?

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  • You wouldn't have liked the other evening. I half filled an empty Vanish tub with them.

  • Our garden is quite small, and had about 80-100 plant pots in it until 4 weeks ago. One morning after it had rained I went out and squashed over 120 snails. Since getting rid of the pots (and greenhouse) we've stopped seeing any slugs or snails, and we no longer have slug trails on our kitchen floor every morning.

  • what do you have in your garden now?

  • Parties, a brick barbecue, a bar and a Siberian Tiger?

  • I haven't been able to spot one, there are slime trails and bites out of the leaves but no sign of the little fuckers anywhere...

    I did find some tiny baby snails in our worm farm, maybe that's what they are? Can they live/hide under the soil?

  • Yep, that's where they slime off to on the daylight hours.

  • Ours have often lived in the crack between the grass and the raised brick planters, or between the a bed and the wall of the house.

  • We now have a space to sit, a selection of herbs and berries, rhubarb and an apple tree planted in a border raised up by two bricks.

  • Beautiful presentation.

    Mine is slightly less elegant:

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  • Yes some of them were collected from on top the piles of eggshells and coffee grounds I've fortified my sunflowers with.

  • Apparently if you put grapefruit halves out upside down they have a massive slug rave.

  • Just add garlic and butter, a slug is only a homeless snail after all.

  • Does the beer trick actually work? I thought I might bury a plastic glass in the planter, fill it with beer and see what happens...

  • fuckin hell lads im not enjoying that

  • Yep this works for me

  • Depends.

    There's a good video on YT showing what happens if your beer vessel isn't the correct shape inside.

    Basically most of them are able to drink without drowning. The small minority without this skill drown giving you the false sense of success.

  • I've tried it, cut down a plastic pint glass I had lying around for bringing on seedlings... Fingers crossed!

    I'll have a look in the morning...

    I'm using alcohol free beer as well, the little bastards are really gonna hate me... 🙃

  • R.e. slugs, on my allotment, beer traps are the most effective method.

  • Would suggest emptying beer traps regularly. A couple of times i have ended up with rotting slugs in beer, one of the most foul smells i have experienced.

  • The patented mowing system is working well.

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  • Can anyone identify this stuff ?
    It sprouts out through shrubs using the density of the shrub as support.
    I've tried finding out what it is when just stem and leaf and thought flowering might give a clue but so far nothing.

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  • My snail solution is to chuck them into the railway line behind the house. Slugs get the chop

  • Training your Ducks

    Feed them slugs and snails as treats (cracking the snail shells at first so they can eat them, once they are adults they will swallow the snails whole).

    Make a distinctive noise whenever you give them a treat, they will learn to associate this noise with food.­_-o&feature=emb_title

    Indian Runner ducks don't fuck about, apparently.

  • Everything is a bit pink at the moment.

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Does anyone know anything about gardening?

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