Does anyone know anything about gardening?

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  • I've got seedlings of mini dahlias. It's time they get re-potted into bigger containers. Their stem is very fragile it seems especially with the constant breeze we're having atm. Is it advisable to "stake" them (even loosely)?

  • 1st step to taking back control of the garden. Planted out things which were in the greenhouse thyme, lemon thyme, oregano, chives, rosemary and lavender. Took down the greenhouse and put all the pots (came with the house) on the street with a note saying help yourselves. They've almost all gone and a neighbour has dropped off a bottle of wine to say thanks!

    Going to start looking for inspiration for what to do with the newly reclaimed space

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  • Anyone have any advice on getting rid of white flies from outdoor tomato plants? Are there any non pesticidal options that actually work? Neem oil, does it do much? Ta

  • Does anyone have any idea what this pesky bastard is? It’s ruining my lawn.

    Is there anyway of killing it but not the lawn

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  • I think it is Couch Grass. Sends runners under the ground as well as seeding. Quite hard to get rid off but loads of advice from RHS etc.

    Is there anyway of killing it but not the lawn


  • What type of axe?

    For most, get rid of any nicks, chips or flat parts in the blade with a metal file keeping the profile the same (so removing minimal metal but consistently around the whole edge).
    Then get sharp with a stone (best ones are round, allows you to grind circles around the edge) or medium then fine sand paper on a wood block.

  • Smallish hatchet.

    best ones are round, allows you to grind circles

    Something like ?

  • New garden tap in. Blunted a few of the plumbers drill bits as he put it in. Just waiting for the cement to dry before giving it its first run. Calendula & Marigold seeds coming along well.

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  • Yep. I’ve got that one, works great.

  • Much appreciated, will order.

  • Did you find someone? My other half is a garden designer, based in Beckenham. I'm sure she'd be interested if you are still on the hunt.

  • Sunbelievable Browneyed girl is coming along nicely. Parsley is desperately trying to flower and bolt.

    Veg patch is also coming along. I trimmed off a few salad leaves for lunch - not sure they're that sort of lettuce but figured why not.

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  • Bramble-proof (not resistant, proper stab-proof things) gloves. Possible from leather or should I be looking at something like a butchers/fishmongers chainmail?

  • I use rigger gloves:­imate-rigger-gloves-red-yellow-large/119­53

    The cotton backs don't protect you if you shove a fist into a thicket of brambles but you can pull brambles with the inside/palms of your hand.

  • Baseball catcher's mitts? Welder's gauntlets?

  • Yup... It's difficult to know when they are occupied tho', I've seen mason bees flying in but they leave very little evidence behind...

  • Bug hotels, aren't they more for bugs to over-winter in rather than all year round usage? They often appear to be empty unless you're looking during hibernation. Tubes definitely appear more useful to bugs than anything else.

  • A weakish solution of fairy liquid and water in a misting spray bottle. Spray them every few days preferably to get a bit of the bubbles to sit on them and they and aphids should disappear

  • Mainly my wife's work but our Special Anniversary rose (that's the official name of the rose) is looking amazing this year and as a bonus it smells strongly of Turkish Delight - yes it is supposed to.

    My hand for scale

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  • Neem oil is great. Depending on how big the plant is it’ll take between one and two applications to murder any aphids.

  • Sounds stupid, but I've just noticed that our ornamental cherry doesn't have any leaves.

    I noticed that no blossom came this year. We've got heavy clay soil and the garden was absolutely soaked during the heavy rain, so I'm wondering about some sort of root rot.

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  • @MTB-Idle @Eejit thanks. I got some yellow sticky cards. The Whitefly seem to have disappeared weirdly, although there are low Greenfly around. I'll try the washing up liquid spray first I think

  • this is absolutely true.. i have a plan for my garden, nothing new or ground breaking but building a gabion wall with cobbles at low level, hotchpot of reclaimed material i have from the garden / house. topped off with a flower bed in perforated steel trays with herbs and scented flowers.. let's call it roof top dining for the residents. bug hotels provide shelter for over winter where predator insects can nest their eggs and larvae.

    btw i have tons of copper pipework and steel tube lying around in the garden to chop up into short sections and insert into the gabion wall. I will gather bamboo from local residents and harvest pine cones from nearby parks this autumn to stuff into the steel pipes

  • Long shot at the moment, does anyone have any garden / bamboo canes, need about 20 7-8ft long canes, happy to pay, make a donation to charity or the forum etc.

  • Any ideas on what this is?

    I thought I'd only planted parselys, mint and basil.

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Does anyone know anything about gardening?

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