Does anyone know anything about gardening?

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  • That looks about right!

    Not sure I can convince the other half that we need more Acers...

  • My fishcapade was at the old house. I've got 4 or 5 different Acers now and they love it here and I've let them be. Had to move a broad leaf purple one because it was getting too hot. I moved it to a more shaded area and it lived.

  • I've never had any joy with Acers.

    Two years ago I did a shit load of research, finding the exact type that should thrive where I want to put it, and looking how I'd like

    Found an online nursery that was selling them.

    Ordered, waited two months for delivery window.

    They sent the wrong plant.

    I was so pissed off that I gave up.

  • Looking at maybe unwilding our upper level at the back of the garden to grow more food.

    This old corrugated stuff is embedded behind the retaining wall... is it likely to be asbestos based?

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  • my bindweed has started to sprout! hooray! Oh wait, no.

    I was digging out my old mini pond so I could make a bigger, slightly more impressive one, and the fucking bindweed roots go down like a foot into the soil! wtf. No wonder that stuff is so hard to get rid of.

  • Yes, but not in a hugely damaging way. If you can avoid sawing it into little bits or hitting it repeatedly with a hammer you probably won't die instantly. You're probably already wearing a mask...

  • It's more likely than not. Asbestos cement is about 15% asbestos, the good news is that as long as you don't break, drill, or sand it down the azzy is well contained and considered pretty safe (more info here). Your local household waste centre (aka tip) will have an asbestos facility although you will need to double bag it with each bag sealed with tape and marked as hazardous in order for them to take it iirc. (You can buy specific kits from b&q I think)

  • When you're removing it have a hosepipe with a spay rose available. Should you snap it or scuff the panel you can spray the area to suppress any airborne particles. The biggest issue is getting rid of it after you've liberated it from your soil. You might have to contact a specialist company to collect and dispose of it.

  • I've finally got on top of all the excess left over from the spring pruning and now it's time for some early summer pruning.

    I'm a fan of brutalist pruning which is the source of many arguments between me and my wife.

    It's time for this overgrown Choisya to receive the treatment as its well outgrown its space

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  • Ten minutes with a pruning saw and 20 minutes with the shredder and its all sorted

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  • That's it at bottom right. It will soon generate some new growth

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  • On the plus side the plums on my plum (prune) tree that featured in my #lockdown video last month are coming on a storm. Hand in pic for size comparison. I had pruned this in the spring too

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  • And the apples look good as well

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  • The City of London will pick up your asbestos (service run on behalf of all London boroughs) - details at­/environment-and-planning/waste-and-recy­cling/household-waste-and-recycling/Page­s/Hazardous-Waste.aspx

    Many civic amenity sites don't accept asbestos.

  • There's always the dig a big hole option.

  • Ah, it's different out here in the sticks.

  • You can't have enough Acers.

  • A good friend gave us this thornless blackberry for our wedding (four years this week) and for the first time ever after some googling, pruning, repotting and proper structure it’s got buds and bees galore. Fuck off pigeons.

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  • Thanks but I'm in MCR, they do things differently up here.

    I might leave the space wild for a few more years.

    Thanks @ColinTheBald @Bobbo & @Constable_Savage for advice too.

  • thornless blackberry

    I've had one in a hanging basket for three years, with no sign of blossom.

    Any hints or tips?

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  • I’ll try. I read the RHS advice page and cut it back to a single stem that once given some canes to climb shot up to about 2m last year. I think that’s your biggest problem, I had mine in a pot for a couple of years and nothing really happened, they need something to grip. This year I just repotted with some slow release fertiliser and the main stem has loads of side shoots. Also moved it to a very sunny but protected area against a south facing fence panel.

    Also took @>>>>>> lead on the lemongrass, all five have roots!

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  • Hmmm.

    Mine was marketed as a trailing variety, not a climber.

  • Time for an update on project x
    with progress clearing back area, planned fire pit and gabion style seating, zebra grass and other architectural plants to enjoy with friends when lockdown ceases

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  • Today’s job was laying 220sqm of turf after spending 15 hours yesterday raking and rotavating.

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Does anyone know anything about gardening?

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