Does anyone know anything about gardening?

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  • The steps are dug out and as you guessed are on a bed of type 1. They are all bolted together with 200mm bolts. They are infilled with more type 1 and will have 3" of shingle over a membrane.

    Your best bet for a patio is a concrete base of 3" to 4" with a 1 to 2 degree fall (buy a gradient level about £12). For crazy paving, something I would never do, your best bet is a constant 1" bed of mortar. Joint with a 3:1 sand/cement mix, just wet enough for it to stick together, karate chop in with a trowel edge, point with a gloved finger or short length of hose. This mix won't stick to the slabs if dry enough, simply brush away the excess as it goes off.

    I challenge the contention that any apprentice is dumber than some of ours, many would have fallen for the video prank above, some of them 3 times in the same day.

    Three blades died in the making of
    the steps, they were REALLY dead. Here's the other run.

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  • many would have fallen for the video prank above, some of them 3 times in the same day


  • No, please don't stop. The office workers are talking about spreadsheets in another thread and this chat alternative you're providing is making me want to live


  • No, please don't stop. The office workers are talking about spreadsheets in another thread

    ...and isn't it riveting...

    and this chat alternative you're providing is making me want to live

    As Luci isn't posting much atm this is a welcome replacement. :)

  • Go on then, have another of Terry looking like a muppet then.

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  • Ended up stood on that roof unable to get down for like 5mins.
    I shudder to think what he’ll be like up his first big tree.

  • I like the videos of people having a bad day that periodically do the rounds on site, the language is NSFW, 2 examples:

  • I'll see your Terry and raise you a Sammo.....

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  • Needs more shit tattoos.
    Terry has his own name on his hand...

  • ...and isn't it riveting...

    Closest I've come to deleting my account

  • When you drop £150 worth of coded yard keys....
    He got them but we had to hose him down due to being covered in turd...

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  • Did the turd complain about being exposed to a biological hazard?

  • Nah, that’s Luke the ox-boy down there. He doesn’t give a fuck about anything but banging trees and smoking weed. He’s done far worse for the firm than gone head first down a Harrow sewer.

  • Edmundro, what area do you cover at work?

  • Swindon - east London, Croydon to Milton Keynes. Basically extended Greater London area plus a bit.
    Domestic work is predominantly north/west London tho.

  • 'Kin hell you must see some traffic jams! What do you do with the logs from interesting trees you fell?

  • We generate between 4-12tons of chip, green waste and log per day across all our teams. All our waste goes for biomass energy as we don’t have the time/inclination to run a profitable firewood business.

    That said if you’re on the lookout for anything interesting for carving etc then let me know and I’ll keep my eyes peeled.

  • Its not so much for carving more so that I can buy an Alaskan chainsaw mill and have some fun slabbing nice/interesting wood to store and cure for use in side projects when I have the time.

  • But yes would be interested if you could.

  • This.

    As ever with the forum that keeps on giving, I came to this thread expecting one thing, and have been enlightened on quite another!. @edmundro and @ColinTheBald - you need a tv show, or at least a podcast. :/

    I have nothing but love for my apprentices.*

    *When they are punctual, keen, on the ball, eager to learn, only need to be told once, use initiative/common sense, don't call in sick, don't break my tools, don't break themselves with my tools, don't BS. ;)

  • The last apprentice to answer those credentials was a carpenter in Nazareth, that's only because he answered to his (alleged) dad and didn't have a mobile or a demanding barking mad partner. The rest of us just deal with daft buggers who fulfil a few of those and frequently have a difficult past which they are trying to leave behind.

    Most of whom are utter shite, but it's only fair to give them a chance to prove their incompetence.

  • Today’s Terry gold:
    Carrying a log, tripped on a twig that an ant could have vaulted, went arse-over and somehow managed to throw the log into the canal we were alongside.
    Cue poor Tel in his pants up to his knees in west London canal muck fishing it out. The waders that the other groundie was using ALL DAY were hanging up less than 5ft away.

    I really really wish I was making this shit up.
    For the sake of his dignity I didn’t take a pic. 10 colleagues and a high street of people laughing was bad enough for the poor fucker.

    I echo Colin’s sentiments, it’s fine to enjoy this shit but some of these lads really do come from the worst start in life and spent the first half of their lives struggling with the simplest of life skills.

    Tel turns up on time every day, is rarely hungover and tries his hardest. I don’t ask for more than that.

    My favourite work story is the legend of Tony fucking Rockstar. I told the tale to @General_Lucifer on a ride once and ended up writing it out for him as he loved it so much. Would be better for a podcast than a story tho.

  • Bollocks to that, give us the story!

  • the mean streets of West Drayton

    None meaner ..... in the London Borough of Hillingdon.

  • I’ve pm’d you the story. Too long and too OT for the thread.

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Does anyone know anything about gardening?

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