Does anyone know anything about gardening?

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  • So we have a family of foxes in the wasteland behind our garden. This year there's mum and 5 kids. Which is nice except for the fact that they dig holes in the lawn, dig up plants ( one lavender eviscerated and a hosta literally disappeared) . Anyone got any advice (short of killing them or getting rid of their habitat) on how to stop them digging up my garden or is this an unfortunate situation that I have to live with?

  • Vote conservative then you can have fifty horse people trampling across your garden oh but the foxes will run away and come back a week later

  • What about trying one of those battery operated hyperresonant repellents?

  • I tried this (sonic deterrent) and it had no effect whatsoever.

    IR sensor water spray had some effect on adult foxes but the cubs found it an amusing game.

    They are a nuisance - it's like having a family of feral dogs next door.

  • Disappearing hosta might also by due to gastropods.

  • Wasteland? In London? Build flats on it.

    I don't think there's anything you can do about the foxes--if you kill them, another lot will move in sharpish. I suppose WillMelling is the resident expert on foxes in the back garden, but I don't know if he's ever felt they're a problem to be managed.

    There may be certain plants they may find more attractive than others. I don't know why they dig up the lawn, but there may well be something under it that they want to get at, so it might be worth investigating what that could be.

  • They dig for grubs and worms. The young ones more than the adults, it seems. They also dig if they smell something, or at times seemingly out of curiosity e.g. if something has changed in the garden, such as a new plant has been planted, let's have a dig and see if there is anything interesting in there.

    I've had many new plants destroyed in this way. I actually gave up gardening for a few years as it was so depressing to come down in the morning and find your new plants ruined.

  • What's wrong with my apple tree?

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  • And my banana plant is also unhappy

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  • Passion flowers are coming out

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  • Lovely. Passion flowers are so weird and fascinating.

  • Was at the RHS Hampton Court garden 'festival' yesterday. First time and lots of fun.
    I was pleasantly surprised by how it gently advocated for responsible gardening too. Two of the best show gardens were about drought resistant florals and water conservation. The latter was sponsored by Thames Water and won gold. Another was themed around plastic and ocean waste.

  • Happy with this corner of the garden, some lilies, primroses, two clematis, lavender, geraniums, lilies (lilly of the valley or Africa?) and the hanging flowers. The hanging basket was a fiver from lidl and forgotten what they are but great value

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  • fox deterrent in the garden..
    when we had a rabbit living outdoors the only deterrent against urban foxes seem to be spraying dog scent around the perimeter, i think it was from Scoot.. it worked during the summer months, might have been easier to just buy a bloody dog that yapped and pooped everywhere, or get a friend to bring their dog around regularly.. and clean up their dog poop.. alternatively you could just piss your own urine around the garden, after a boozy night and about 15 pints of Doombar, not the best solution against urban foxes as they are more brazen and used to humans out on the piss at night..
    good luck @punkture, hic

  • We're basically stalking each other, right?
    First court 3 at Wimbledon and now this
    We went for members' day on Tuesday

  • ...and they're open!

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  • Ha. I finally got sloppy and let on.
    We're not fancy enough for membership but perhaps next year :)
    Hope you enjoyed the special screenings

  • they're open!

    wow! look like little fireworks
    : ]

  • My previous house had a baking hot south facing garden. Our passion flowers always had loads of fruit but I regret never eating them. My current flower doesn't get hot enough.

  • My in-laws in Portugal grow amazing passion fruit. The fruits are bitter but really tasty with a dash of sugar. Won't get hot enough here I'm afraid but these flowers are a good consolation

  • Picked up a couple of houseplants at Hampton Court

    Oxalis triangularis

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  • Ceropegia woodii

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  • What is that Moomin doing to the rabbit?


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Does anyone know anything about gardening?

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