Does anyone know anything about gardening?

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  • It takes me an hour to mow the lawn, it is a bit different... πŸ™‚

  • Nice, looks idyllic

  • It is that, downside is that the most exciting thing I've done all weekend was go to our local home/garden megastore with the dog...

    I'm so fucking bored...

  • Looks ace, Jose!

  • Had some work done, then did the planting myself - with an overhelpful 6 year old!

    From a grim foxes litter tray to this :)

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  • Beforehand and whisky barrel preparation - had to remove the bands to pop one end out.

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  • Akebia - Chocolate Vine in the climber (with a hellebore).

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  • That's lovely. Is the hedging dogwoods? Take a photo in a year, 18 months, it will look totally different.

  • It is red dogwood - Cornus Sibirica, am learning all the latin now!

    The tree is a young Rhus Typhina.

  • Are people with blueberries covering them in fleece/similar at the moment with the mildly frosty mornings?

  • I'm covering them in gin, try to keep it p.m. though.

  • Nah. No flowers in mine just some leaf burst.

  • Cheers. Same.

  • The 7 Lidl lavender plants that I put down my front path last summer have started flowering. Bit early I'd have thought but nice nonetheless!

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  • I think French Lavenders often flower quite early?

  • Oh, yes, just had a quick Google and it looks like they may actually flower a few times! I'm hoping for a wonderful smell when I come home in a sunny day.
    Got my new hydrangeas in too.
    Hydrangea Macrophylia Blue Wave and Hydrangea Macrophylia Taube.

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  • has anyone planted out vegies yet? i am running out of sacrificial cucumber/tomato...

  • Sugar snap peas, sweet peas, mange tout, cabbages all out. Toms, cucumber, peppers, chillis, all that sort of thing etc all still indoors :)

  • Spinach, peas, lettuce, kohl rabi etc down in modules and put out under fleece a couple weeks back.

  • Peas, beans, radish, carrots and beetroot are all in the ground.. we'll see if it's too early

  • Our (probably too early) beets failed, have a back up plan for more. These, radish, broadbeans all being prep'd for bank holiday planting... but always 'cast ne'r a clout 'til May is out' rule of thumb for maximum confidence (global-warming not adjusted for.) Chard also in fyi. Rhubarb already sprouting :) as are horseradish.

  • Today I managed to get the polytunnel finished. Still some tidying to do and an irrigation system to sort out, but I have lots of seedlings ready to go in. Never had anything like this, am excite.

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  • A garden that size needs a pig.

  • Don’t disagree, but I promised i’d Get our own offspring sprung before inviting porcine ones!

  • Got 200 Thompson & Morgan tulip bulbs last October for Β£20:

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Does anyone know anything about gardening?

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