Does anyone know anything about gardening?

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  • Even if I offered to drop them off?

  • I'm in Leyton! I want turf!

  • Maybe even (some) slabs

  • Yay! It's yours. There's 4 bags of top soil too, which won't get you very far, but they're not much help here. When do you want it?

  • Slabs too if you want. They're some weathered beige, some slightly pinkish tinge also weathered, but they're perfectly usable.

  • I guess asap before the turf dies. You get it from the b&q at asda? May be able to pick up the dozen or so more i need tomorrow as well.

    Pm incoming.

  • Yes, I nabbed the last lot at the Mills b&q today.

  • I didn't think for a second that you were being a dick. I have seen, condemned and rebuilt far worse carpentry than yours. But, if you pass a skip with slabs in it, pretty please at least put them on the corners, it would be a waste of your time and effort to see your decking slump gently into the ground when the weather gets moist and a fat bloke stands on the edge.

  • a fat bloke stands on the edge

    Oooff. Low blow @stevo_com

  • Hey oat44 I don't spose you have any of those slabs left? I need about 10 or so for a shed base !

  • yes, perfect use for them. They're no lookers, but are in good condition.
    Take as many as you like. Pm me for details.

  • Big thanks to @oat44 for the turf! Done.

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  • Good work H. We're about to get ours redone to remove the bark chip/cat litter outdoor play surface. No more "Surprise! Cat shit!"

  • Looking good, H.

    Is that a mower in the top right? Well prepared if so.

  • Cheers, guys. Turning London clay filled soil was not easy. But got there in the end. It had better stick.

    Mower is from last May/June when we started from seed and failed.


    Ha ! That rake - classic waiting to happen ...

  • No more "Surprise! Cat shit!"

    I must remove kilograms of the fecking stuff each year from our borders. Definitely getting a dog.

  • They're our cats.

  • Clematis is looking pretty good

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  • I've realised that I still think that everyone on here is a twenty something year old fixie skidder, like it was back when I joined.

    Always a moment of cognitive dissonance when I see distinctly middle aged gardens etc.

    Then I realise I have one of my own.

    The comfortable slide into gardening.

  • We cheated. The previous owners had lived here for 60-odd years. All I've done is changed a couple of plants, put those beds in on the left and edged the centre bed with bricks.

  • I've got two dogs and cats still shit in my garden but I never seem to see it. Dogs must be magic in so many ways.

  • Just been listening to Gardener's question time on radio 4. Actually quite good.

    Covered our veg seedlings up for tonight - getting a bit chilly

  • Interesting what @rhowe said about inheriting a garden. I wish we had done so in some ways, in other ways it's been really fun to watch it morph. It prompted me to look back at how ours started 3 years ago. It is by no means perfect, but it has come a long way.

    Feb 2014:

    July 2014:

    Then in April 2015:

    and June 2015:

    May 2016:

    and April 2017 as of yesterday:

    slowly getting there, and becoming distinctly middle aged in the process

  • That's lovely. What a nice process.

    Also, the abundance of share paving slabs becomes obvious.

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Does anyone know anything about gardening?

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