Does anyone know anything about gardening?

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  • Rosemary grows well from cuttings so look out for a nice specimen...

  • Add ericaceous fertiliser pellets to the soil that the parsley is in, it mine grow incredibly well. Precious to doing so I couldn't get it to thrive at all.

    That tip came from off here, so just sharing the love.

  • Cheers for the tip. I need to get some anyway as I'm getting some rhododendrons.

    @Psy has offered me a cutting :)

  • This whole planter of parsley came from a single, slightly sad looking, supermarket cooking plant, which was reduced to £1.20.

    I split the plant into 8 plugs and planted them in compost that had been laced up with ericaceous.

    What a result.

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  • Unfortunately, it's still parsley which always seemed a bit like eating tinsel.

  • Next step alchemy, gold parsley, profit.

  • Rosemary grows well from cuttings so look out for a nice specimen...

    If you're up this way, Caledonian Park has shit-tonnes of nice bushes in towards the back. I've just taken a few cuttings this morning.

  • something's eaten all my courgette seedlings =( nothing else though.. I had no idea they were so tasty ...

  • Ah I like what you've done there. I did it the reverse way and have the plants poking out of the front (Strawberries). I've had issues with soil retention even though it's on a slant. Your solution is better. As for oregano if you are ever SW14 way I have loads in my allotment. It's self seeded and nothing eats it, you'd be welcome to it.

  • Normally the courgettes are pretty safe but last year mine were all eaten too. Not sure if it was slugs, squirrels, wood pigeons, foxes or badgers so I firs put them under a cloche, then netted them and used beer traps, slug pellets and eggshells just in case. Worked OK so far. Possible problem could also be putting them out when they are still relatively tender and small.

  • i suspect it was a mammal as the ones that weren't wholly eaten were trampled as well..

  • Ahh hard luck. Netting keeps away both the foxes and badgers (unless it's sweetcorn). I bet there will still be plugs/small plants available at your local garden centre etc so all may not be lost.

  • Started doing a bit of pruning the other night as our side return was becoming impassable. Predictably it ended up with my up a ladder two hours later swearing at a tree.

    Then, once it was all said and done, I couldn't remove the cuttings because they were covered in thorns.

    With the realisation that I'm not even remotely tooled-up for this stuff, I ordered some gardening gloves and a foldable saw to tackle the chunky stuff. Foldable saws are probably one of the greatest inventions ever. You can literally cut trees down with them.

  • I've got a rampant oregano #maybemarjoram that you'd be welcome to trowel up a hunk of... just off Brixton Hill.

  • Get a nice pair of medium loppers. Aside from being damn handy for all matter of garden shenanigans they're great for handling spiky stuff at arms length when picking it up.
    Lay a couple of long slings or lengths of cord out and lay all your longer brash perpendicular to them. Then use the slings/cord to tie handy bundles you can drag or carry with ease.

    And yeah, pull saws are the bizzle. Silky Gomtaro 300mm or gtfo >>

  • Eye protection as well?
    Cuttings (with or without thorns) can be quite whippy when being pulled out
    Sawing at or above head height will at some point involve a face full of sawdust (wind and Sods Law)

  • You don't need any of that guff ;)
    My mate Harry in Texas cuts trees in little more than this most days...

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  • I wear glasses ;)
    Got stabbed the head by a falling branch with thorns though.

  • loads of comfrey along the canals at the minute

    have two vats steeping and have added some to both compost heaps
    want to see how it works as an alternative to the nasty miracle grow and phostrogen i use currently

  • I heard you can use nettles in the same way (steeping, etc.). Never tried it because it smells bad and we only have a small garden, so can't put it far enough away from us!

  • discovering this with the two vats
    they've been in about a week and to say they look like some evil horror movie swamp would be an understatement
    grey and bubbling ... and not in a good way

  • Just dip your little finger in and have a taste.

    Tell yourself it's organic and vegan. I bet it's a real umami hit.

  • have two vats steeping

    Me too, but the smell is bloody awful, if you pour it on the front garden you'll have the murder squad round.

  • Built a slug zapping fence this afternoon and it actually works!
    Not sure if repost­_xc

  • With lots of rain, there is rain collecting outside our outhouse (see pic)

    Am I correct in thinking the best option is to dig a channel in the grass in the top left corner and then put drainage in?

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Does anyone know anything about gardening?

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