Polo Spotted

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  • What? Who's the noob? read what? what twattish post? Lost.

  • fucking n00bs!

    h8 n00bz!

  • I'm not sure, but I think user 18,000 just told user 500 he's a nooby twat.

  • To be fair, Matt's only made just over 5,500 posts in 3 years.

  • btw - are we the only 3 users on the forum? Just seems like we're following each other from thread to thread.

    *reports horatio and snoops for aggressive stalking

  • I bought some rollers today


  • For your hair or beard ?

  • obviously not my hair.

  • ha!

  • shhh, stop talking about Cam. he's lurking

  • For your hair or beard ?

    best lol in a loooooong while ;0 (fucking keyboard, left hand shift key fukd) :)

  • shhh, stop talking about Cam. he's lurking

    Who said what? I'll fuck 'em in their faces.

  • (In the polo forum menu bit, why can't I see who's online? Has it always been like this?)

  • No, it's a change that Velocio has made for the usual technical reasons that hardly anyone understands. It's a bit annoying though. isn't it?

  • ha! now i get all the boob comments in other threads/buzz.

    to oz, sorry mate, i wasn't been a dick to you and your thread, i was just blurting out the usual shit.

    as you were.

  • For your hair or beard ?

    Double ha! Repped if I could be bothered... :]

  • I'm not convinced it's polo. Those hammers look a lot like mallets.

  • shady mother fuckers.

  • Look how disgustingly dirty Joel's cap is... gags

  • ha!

  • Hoser Brian on new oxford street, i almost got him run over :s

  • Dredge!!! Seabass, Valley, Dadou and French Nick in Paris for a poker night. They took all my money.

    John H/Adrienne's poker skills are needed to even the score...

  • Ha!

    Photo or it did not happen... ;)

  • Luca in Paris, Fin in Bordeaux, such fine fellows!

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Polo Spotted

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