Bikes shops in Oxford that know what to do with fixed/track bikes...

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  • Get a quote from Warlands Cycles on Botley Road. They've always been good for me (never had a wheel build though).

  • Jenny...Why don't you get on to the cycle Oxford website and learn to build your own. Just a thought :)

  • @flowmont - I have had a look on there a few times and have been interested, I'm just a bit too busy as a finals student at the moment, unfortuantely, and may not be in Oxford for much longer than June. Plus I wouldn't want to ruin what will hopefully be my lovely new wheels!
    May have a go on one of the other courses after my exams though!

    So nobody been to Cycle Zone?

  • Was in there yesterday as it happens........

  • i'm really a beginner here, and i'd like a fixed but i have NO clue what i'm looking for, do you reckon if i went in they'd give me hand with what to buy as my first bike? The oxford scene looks strong, and i'd love to get into this.

  • I'll build you a bike!¬≠jases-whips.html something along these lines;)

  • dude, no joke i look at those bikes when i get bored/erotic. Dude, it'd be sick but i have literally no money, so i want a cheap bike to see if i even want to invest more in this.
    Like, really cheap.
    but honestly, love you guys, you're all so kinda

  • Yep. No probs. I can do something on the cheap......Like really cheap.! My advice to you is find a frame and then give me a PM and we'll take it from there:) In your own time...........peace. Oh. Try and find something 700c as opposed to 27'' wheel size...........more peace.

  • Plenty of bike shops up Cowley Rd. Some good, some not so good...

  • OCW gets another vote as a good source of parts for old school bikes and a bunch of friendly and knowledgeable people.

    Another cheaper shop to consider if you need some small bits and pieces or just cheap parts for a banger bike is cycle king. I know it's a trashy place with some staff members not knowing very basic things, shop that sells shity 30kg heavy tractor-bike mutants but they do have some good cheap small bits. When i was going to oxford for work ( i live in reading) i used to buy chain halflinks for 80p each, single chainring bolts for 4 quid per pack of 5, cheap wienmann brake levers that were good and only costed 2 quid each, some nice and cheap brake cables, ferules and other bie mechanics consumables. they also did have some cheap tools that still haven't broken after a couple of years use.

    Disclaimer: I am in no way associated or connected with either of the shops mentioned.

    2nd-ing Cycle King. The owner seems like a knowledgeable and friendly chap, and they have more stuff in stock than the guys over the road (Beeline) or down the road (Beeline road bikes).

  • Wait a second. Isn't cycle king the shop that has a sign on the door that says that they won't work on your bike for at least half an hour to make sure that any toxins/chemicals that are on the bike have blown off/dissipated?

    As far as I remember they were a terrible bike shop.

  • As far as I remember they were a terrible bike shop.

    This... I went in 3 or 4 years ago and I've never had even the slightest inclination to return. Why anyone would go to cycle king instead of beeline is beyond me, especially since beeline now have a dedicated 'Road store' about a minute down the road complete with a beautiful Look frame in the window (it was a DI2 equipped Venge but I haven't had time to go check out the Look properly) and a widescreen TV with sofas and a coffee machine to watch the cycling!

  • oh the road store......the expensive wheels, the other expensive stuff...mmmmmmm must stay away. lovely old campy racer drew me into their bike porn lair.

    cycle Knut are not very good like hafords with moar bikes

  • You know at the start of term you see all the new students on their brand new bikes which they're really pleased they got for a bargain price? And one week later they're all complaining the gears are stuck/ brakes don't work/ pedals have fallen off/ handlebars are loose/chain's fallen off etc, and that they took it back to the shop and were told they'd be charged to fix it? Guess where they all bought them from.

  • wasn't me gov, honest.

  • Just meant that if you need something in a hurry (in my case a 160mm brake rotor) they often have it, whereas the others (Beeline, Cyclo-Analysts etc.) generally have to order in.

    Wouldn't take my bike to be serviced there though.

  • Best bike shop in Oxford is Summertown cycles by a long stretch . Went out of their way / beyond call of duty when helping me with my Cannondale system six build . No attitude just very very helpful .
    Best bike shop in Oxfordshire is Rides On Air in Wallingford . Great knowledgable crew Dan is a great mechanic and the owner Lee is Top Bloke .
    And I can't believe nobody has mentioned the Beeline cycles " customer service " air of aloofness , whilst they decide if you are worthy of actually taking their valuable time . One of the staff in the new road bike shop actually commented it was unusual for someone to be spoken to almost straight away , and recognized the problem in the older store .

  • ^this, also the LBS in the row of shops by donnington bridge are pretty good, fixed a busted spoke and trimmed up the wheel for me ¬£3. three pounds? are they living in 1875? if you get the old dude John i think he has been in the bike shop for ever.

  • **cutting die 1" 24 tpi. any one haz this? need moar thread on forks

  • ive once tried looking for a lockring few weeks ago,apparently none of the bike shops at Cowley Road,City Centre and Jericho have one in stock.ended up buying it off ebay.been sending my bikes for repairs(a fixed gear and a road bike) to headington cycle shop.the guy working there,Dan,is quite a friendly terms of a bike shop,i'd go for BikeZone.not the friendliest place,but still stocks most of the things i need.

  • **cutting die 1" 24 tpi. any one haz this? need moar thread on forks

    go to Bike Zone in town, ask for Steve, (best mechanic in Oxfordshire and great fellow to have a chat with).

  • Thanks, I will do that.

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Bikes shops in Oxford that know what to do with fixed/track bikes...

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