Regulation of Driving Instructors?

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  • Are they centrally regulated? Would this be a function of the IAM?

    Had one interrupt his lesson tonight to shout at me to get into a wet leafy cycle lane. When (politely - no swearing) challenged he was mouthy to the point he eventually got out and threatened to knock me out. I told him to go ahead and he then backed down.

    The pupil was quite young and looked terrifed, clearly one of her first lessons too... :(

    Have company and reg, worth reporting?

  • Definitely!

  • Driving Standards Agency looks after / licences Driving Instructors.

  • report to roadsafe and the DSA

  • Do let us know the outcome…

  • good luck with report,

    next time casually tell him that hes on a loser being a driving instructor,
    car driving is rapidly going out of fashion, what with the recession and all+
    petrol prices, he would be much better off becoming a cycling instructor,
    and that you just did seven solid weeks of adult cycle training,

    no overheads, tax or traffic jams, tax free mate, then ride off and leave the fucker standing in the queue

  • and after he gets caught for harassing you:-

  • for those of a nervous disposition neither of the above 2 posts are entirely serious.

  • Ok... Thanks for info all. :)

  • Don't forget to cite the highway code number 63 regarding the cycle lane (underlined);


    Cycle Lanes. These are marked by a white line (which may be broken) along the carriageway (see Rule 140). Keep within the lane when practicable. When leaving a cycle lane check before pulling out that it is safe to do so and signal your intention clearly to other road users. *Use of cycle lanes is not compulsory and will depend on your experience and skills***, but they can make your journey safer.

    It's a good way to show that the driving instructor need to learn how to drive again and you're within your right to not use the cycle lane.

  • You certainly should complain; and, in theory, you have a perfect witness. Assuming he didn't bully his trainee in to silence.

  • "scuse me have you got a copy of the highway code with you? Show rule 63 to the prat next to you."

  • 2nd time I was ever knocked off was by a driving instructor.

    One might have thought that the 'mirror, signal, manoeuvre' mantra was so ingrained the head that it would have been second nature. Not on this occasion, however, as I was riding along Hackney Road next to a row of queueing cars when one blighter decided he was going to turn right and so moved over to the right hand side of the lane. Our instructor the proceded to accelerate over to the left hand side of the lane, just in time to move her wing-mirror straight into my path leaving me nowhere to go.

    Flipped straight over the bars, and as I got up off the tarmac realised that both of my shoulders had popped out of joint (they come out quite easily as a result of old injuries) and that I had some pretty nasty road rash - by the look on her face I think I must have looked quite a sight. Lots of shouting a swearing later, I calmed down and took the reg number/insurance details. Ironically, in the collision I had knocked off the wing-mirror blind spot thing - clearly it wasn't making much of a difference to her driving so I kept it as a souvenir (to match the scars).

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Regulation of Driving Instructors?

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