Does anyone own a Canyon?

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  • Pretty dull update. And those prices! Canyons just aren’t a bargain anymore.

  • It's still £3900 but in Europe. You just have to pay the Brexit Canyon.

  • Anyone know if 32mm tyres will fit ok on an Endurace CF SLX disc? Conti GP 5000 specifically. Cheers.

  • i have 30 on CF SL and there is plenty room, if you want I can take some pics

  • Great, should be fine then. Thank you

  • Think it's definitely a UK thing post Brexit. I'm in the EU and looking for a new bike. Cannondale SuperSix Evo is €3500 and comes with 105 and heavy wheels. Canyon Endurace at the same price comes with Ultegra DI2 and pretty decent DT Swiss wheels. Still seems like good value to me. Same bike in the UK is £3900 which doesn't look so appealing...

  • Having ridden an Ultimate since 2011 I am done with them. The price is astronomical and there have been too many errors. I say this having warrntied every single generation of the bike, but last year the biscuit was taken:

    I tried to warranty my last frame because they had bonded steel inserts to the carbon layup for frame entrace/exits. These inserts started to rust because... y'know... green planet... the rust is lifting the carbon fire but aparently it's my fault and they're not touching it, the bike is otherwise immaculate.

    I'd already sold this bike and replaced it with the current disc model... the disc rub at the back is driving me mental on climbs.

    Do not want.

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  • yeah I was about to say, I have Endurace disc which is pretty much same as Ultimate but MAMIL geo, not had these issues. Looks quite bad though, did they say its your fault @benjam ?

  • did they say its your fault @benjam ?


    The cable stops on the frame are bonded aluminium, what you can see occurring is paint lift due to oxidisation.

    We see this occur as a result of corrosion caused by lack of or improper cleaning and maintenance. Corrosion can be accelerated if the bike is often ridden/kept in coastal areas, ingress of salt from the roads in winter or sweat falling onto the bike during use. As this issue is not due to a material/manufacturing defect but is a wear and tear/maintenance issue it would therefore not qualify for warranty or guarantee replacement.

    As the issue is cosmetic in nature you can continue to ride the bike.

    I would suggest ensuring that after cleaning your bike thoroughly a corrosion resistant product is applied to the bike to disperse/drive out moisture and protect the bike. There are a number of products available on the market, we recommend Muc-Off products.

    The bike was ridden, stored and cared for by me in Bath and I am fastidious with bike care. This is the bike after 4 years of ownership:

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  • Thats poor form, I worry about this, also well stored and cared and cleaned.

    My bike is now almost 5 years old BUT if I ever get a canyon next I'd reconsider.

  • Lol, you should send them that picture

  • ffs the state of that!!

  • Its reasonable to expect that to be covered by their 7 year warranty

  • why are they saying it's just cosmetic ? is it just the paint that's debonding from the frame or is it the carbon itself cracking ? latter would not seem to me to be 'just cosmetic'

  • My guess is that the cracking in the paint/clear occurs in a frequent warmup/cool down process of the carbon and the aluminum and their different material properties. After the paint/clear "seal" is broken, you get moisture ingress which would result in corrosion. So yes, it would be a manufacturing or engineering oversight.

    You should definitely reply that to them.

  • or email hambini

  • Same. Mate bought a Endurace CF SL 8 Disc Di2 and prices have gone up with 300 euro's but it's still better than other brands.

  • 4 years and you haven’t cut the steerer?


  • Does the fact the bike has been cared for in Bath mean it has been looked after better than a bike that resided in a non Tory hotspot? Does this bike have a second home?

  • My bike is in lewisham!

  • You clearly need Rees Mogg on your side.

  • In case anyone is in need of headset bearings for a post 2016 SLX model, I have these a set of these:­/canyon-cf-slx-kit-from-aire-velo/ (I needed the Ai70 version, but misread advice).

    As new, £20 posted (from York).

  • this was when prepping for sale.

  • good shout.

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Does anyone own a Canyon?

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