Does anyone own a Canyon?

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  • Just buy whichever one is rad.

    My thoughts exactly :)

    New page fail...

  • I really just need all of you to tell me to stop being a dick about fancy aesthetics

    That's really not going to happen.

  • Hadn't seen the full bike till now, only Rapha's previews. Colour scheme is pretty full on

  • Barf

  • Ha, it was wishful thinking wasn't it!

  • Honestly, I don't think I've ever consciously come across Rose bikes before. I'll have a look, ta.

  • Definitely check them out. The quality of the frames looks a bit nicer than Canyon up close ( imo ), plus they have "my configuration" that allows you a certain degree of customisation, in regards to wheels/finishing kit, etc.

  • Canyon told me they'd stopped sponsorship...

  • Racist. I don't see colour. All bikes are the same to me

  • Looks like you got mugged off there

  • @thross the aero road canyon thing won multiple bikes of the year awards last year. Just buy it. If its your first proper road bike you won't be able to tell much difference but if you buy a decent bike there is a much smaller chance of you finding some reason to waste another tonne of cash in a year or two's time because you want something more pro.

  • Cyclocolourist. I'm the worst. Black or nothing.

  • definitely worth a look, similar set up to canyon but with more customization and less mamil factor

  • This, also the geometry doesn't included spacers meaning with spacers, the stack will be higher meaning you can fit on it as long you're not the kind of person who care about having spacers.

    Main advantage of the Aeroad is the standard brakes, made it a lots easier to maintain the bike compare with the others whom used their own integrated brakes system that can be a ball aches.

  • Proprietary components can >>>>

  • Lemmie tell you just how much fun it is doing up the brakes of a Trek Madone...

  • Mmm, I do like the interchangeability. Can get the best of both worlds in that respect I guess - nice light frameset, normal headset, compact chainset, and my beloved lairy wheels!

    Geo for the 59cm X Lite CRS looks pretty much perfect too, and my current 'build' comes in £100 cheaper than the Canyon Ultimate CF.

    That's a spanner in the works!

  • Both will work, choose the one that appeal to you more.

    Which one can you see yourself riding on?

  • which one looks the nicer too!

  • I can see myself on both to be honest. They're both carbon frames, with Ultegra (unless I drastically prefer Force when I get a chance to have a feel of both back in Norwich) and the Mavic Cosmic Exaliths, so they look very similar, and very nice in my eyes. Rose is all black of course, while I'd have gone for the black/white Canyon, but that's of minor concern.

    I like that I could get the compact chainset on the Rose a lot, and from a mechanical point of view a non-proprietary headset is a blessing. Standard stem sizes are another tick for the Rose, as the Canyon is awkward with 1 1/4.

    Only real down side is the aluminium Ritchey WCS seatpost to match the rest of the Ritchey WCS finishing bits on the Rose, which might stiffen the ride slightly compared to the flashy Canyon carbon one? Although I save 100 quid on the Rose anyway, so I guess I could always just buy the carbon Ritchey post if I wanted to be a tart about it/felt noticeable discomfort.

  • The Rose probably just edges it, thanks to the fractionally more horizontal top tube. The seatpost cluster looks far more refined too.

    This would be my Rose set up - ignoring the ergo bars which aren't correct for some reason, and the saddle which would be replaced by my trusty Flite.

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  • It'll still be more comfortable than your last bike.

    It is a fair point, Carbon seatpost is a nice additional comfort with skinny tyres.

    Actually that's another thing to look for; which bike can accept bigger tyres (I'm talking 28mm).

  • Both have rep for not accepting wider tyres.

    @thross have you compared stack and reach of that rose to CF SL? Don't worry too much about 1 1/4 stem; order with one you think would suit, ride and if it doesent get Gian OD2 (£25) and acetone the graphics.

    As a brand Rose is a bit German Ribble for me .. Canyon is in line with Rapha (literally now too).

  • That is the only negative which I can't explain for the Rose. They limit you to the 23mm Mavic Yksions, despite the 25mms being widely available and much more preferable.

    Could probably squeeze 28s into the Canyon, but the Rose DT clearance looks touch and go from that mock-up, don't you think?

    This will purely be a fair weather weekend bike though, so I wouldn't be so concerned about running 28s. I ride Schwalbe 25s all year round at the moment anyway, so would happily stick with them if I could upgrade from the 23s.

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Does anyone own a Canyon?

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