Hill Climbs

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  • Under LFGSS?
    Not too sure it’ll suit me but there aren’t many to choose from.

  • Not too sure it’ll suit me

    Only one way to find out...

  • Under LFGSS?


  • You've done multiple reps of canonbie, you're capable.

  • Groups of more than six being made illegal from the 14th of September.

    Will this be a one-race-season? Wonder if TTs come under the “team sports” exemption.

  • Had confirmation email. We are go for Leith Hill!*
    *At present.

  • British cycling said yesterday that the change in rules don't affect anything to do with cycling. Carry on as we have been, apparently. Good luck at leith hill, that's a great event!

  • 🥳

  • Have my start time for KWCC on Leith, bit nervous more so on getting my best out rather than where I’ll come.
    Entered Wigmore on the 27th.

    Thinking one last ride tomorrow then rest till Saturday.

  • Good luck - Is this your first ever open event too?

  • Yeah only my second ever race! From one extreme to the other haha

  • Wigmore is a decent one, not too far to get to either. I never seem to do particularly well at it but I like the hill and event all the same.

  • How was the new skinsuit?

  • Identical to the old one! Turns out I actually had a v1.2 already. Still needed it as the zip has bust on my OG one. Seems like the legs are a little longer on the new one which would be good, but probably not actually the case.

    tl:dr - I can only just get into it so it must be good.

  • Rode something like a 4:30 today on Leith. Felt a bit flat after as didn’t feel like my best. No idea how I’ll rank with that.

    I got lucky with traffic a car stopped in front of me but I managed to go around, didn’t disrupt me too badly. Bit of a headwind too.
    Think the main thing was the varying gradient didn’t suit me. Averaged 410w for the ride which is lower than I’d hoped.
    Anyway got to see @luft and @dbr So not all bad. Onwards to Wigmore next weekend.

  • Good work!

  • It defo pays to know the hill. Leith Hill especially due to it's changes in pitch like you said. Don't be too put out, it was your first ever race on a hill you don't know! Takes a good few before you work out how to go really deep, I still get it wrong as many times as I get it right.

    Do a few more, you'll find your groove. It feels great when you nail it.

  • All wise words. Won’t be giving up on it yet.
    Already thinking how I can fit a recce of Wigmore in this week and turbo turbo turbo.

  • Wigmore is much more forgiving, it’s a pretty steady gradient all the way up, easier to pace and knowledge of the hill isn’t nearly so important.

    If you can recce it all the better, but a hard interval session or two at the start of the week and recovery / zone 2 Thursday > Saturday would be just as good prep.

  • What’s your best up it?
    We are off quite early.

  • Also getting encouraged or heckled with great cadence will live in the memory

  • 3:18 last year. 3:24 for 2018 but it was pissing it down.

  • I often just arrive early at the event and give the hill 2 rides up as a recce if I can't ride it in advance. 1 is nearly race pace to determine pacing and where to get out the saddle. The other is focussed on road surface and line choice.

    YouTube videos or a mix of street view and veloviewer can be good virtual substitutes.

  • Anyone ever created a Virtual ride from a segment on Wahoo? Is it any good?

  • I wouldn't bother. It won't be a succinct internal structure or a good representation of actually riding the hill.

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Hill Climbs

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