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  • Geoff is awesome. He's a regular at the Western Hill-Climb series, always in his baggy shorts and farmers checked shirt :)

  • I've been accepted into Kingston Wheelers HC at Leith Hill next weekend, but haven't ridden out that way in years. What's the course like? Looks fairly long (around 1km) so I imagine spin to win*?

    *Don't worry, I won't be troubling the top 10

  • 1.6km IIRC. My technique has always been to go hard on the ramps and recover a bit on the flats. Make sure you keep a bit in the tank for the longer-than-you-thought drag to the finish. It’s tempting to go all out on the right hander with the crowds but there’s a good 200m to go after that before you cross the line.

    Best advice I can give though, is to get there early and ride it at least once before the first rider is off.

    Sadly I won’t be here for it, always one of my faves.

    2017 KWHC 🥇

  • @dbr beat me into 2nd place a few years ago so is probably better placed to advise but it’s not that long. Steeper bit at the start but then flattens off so go hard early, recover in the middle then when it goes up again pick the pace up and when you see the school lines painted on the floor go flat out

  • Thanks both, sounds like a good course! I usually do better on a undulating climb with bit of 'recovery' in the middle (à la Kirkdale nr Crystal Palace). I'll try to get there early and do a recce

  • Leith hill is not Kirkdale.

  • For a start you shouldn’t have the 356 up your arse and a bin lorry coming at you on leith hill.

  • How’d you get on @JamesQGM?

    What was the turn out like? I’ve already had an email from another organiser trying to get some more entries, wonder how the season will go, attendance wise.

  • Sadly been sick all week so didn’t make the start.

    The start sheet looked a bit thin on the ground, although no idea what’s usual for this one.

  • That’s a bummer. Hope you’re feeling better now.

    eyebrows says there were 112 entrants, which is the most I’ve ever heard of outside of a national, but only 66 riders turned up, which is the most DNSs I’ve ever heard of. Mostly people ride if they’ve signed up, there’s none of the “oh it’s a slow day, I won’t get my PB” nonsense of flat TTs.

    Hope it’s not a sign of things to come. Was it pissing down with rain or something?

  • Anyone doing Whiteleaf on the 18th or Wigmore on the 25th? Both good lumps.

  • says there were 112 entrants, which is the most I’ve ever heard of outside of a national, but only 66 riders turned up

    Incorrect, but thats partially as I mixed up 2 events I was emailed about on the same day.
    There were only 10 no shows on the day.

    TT's have had much worse numbers.

  • So 112 entrants and ~100 riders!? That’s amazing!

  • No- another event has 112 entrants, this I think was 70->60?

  • So 60 signed up and 247 raced? That’s brilliant!

  • https://www.cyclingtimetrials.org.uk/rac­e-results/23967#anchor

    Turnout looks pretty good. All the DNS were apologies in advance. That's a lot of KWCC members entered, though. It is awesome that they can get so many entrants! My club has about 450 members and we generally have only 6-8 members enter the open HC we organise.

  • Josh pipped to the post! 3:30 is rapid, must have been a great day out.

  • 126th Catford CC Hill Climb, Sunday 9th October 2022 at Yorks Hill, Goathurst Common, Sevenoaks.

    Entries close 01/10/2022

     Enter online at https://www.cyclingtimetrials.org.uk/rac­e-course/23977#anchor

  • Anyone racing at urban hill climb today?

  • Naw. Wigmore tomorrow

  • Is there a one stop hill climb calendar anywhere?

    I have no desire to race myself, but I would like to do some spectating if there’s any that are suitably nearby.

  • Is there a one stop hill climb calendar anywhere?

    There is filter to show just hill climbs

  • I’d made it as far as the right website, but hadn’t clocked that filter. Cheers!

  • G’dammit the Jackson Bridge event has been cancelled

  • Just bringing this thread to the hill climb crew’s attention - could make an absolute weapon!


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Hill Climbs

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