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  • Closed road 👌🏻 I loved Haytor Vale down in Devon but the traffic was a nightmare. Think I was relatively lucky but I hear some horror stories about people being stuck in traffic etc.

  • Organised to stay with friends in Sheffield for Nationals weekend, so will be making my annual hillgrimage from Norfolk to cheer you lot on, assuming the usual crew will all be entering? Closed road Winnats is going to be iconic; the hill climb amphitheatre.

    Same friend was one of the unfortunate ones at Haytor, came to a complete stop behind a car turning right across the traffic just before the HQ, had to unclip, foot down and everything. I think he's just going to watch this year!

  • Fair play to them for sorting that. It will make it much more enjoyable for everyone.

    I’m sure there’ll be the odd sheep knocking about but they’re easy to avoid going up the hill. Coming down, less so.

  • I'd like to come to this just for the historical significance - apparently my Godfather is buying a flat in Castleton, wonder if that will complete in time.

  • Booked a room at the very fancy looking YHA in Castleton, just need to qualify now :)

    Anyone else planning a trip?

  • Loads of “discussion” on qualification in the FB hill climb group, I know some of you aren’t on there so thought worthwhile copying across.


    As has previously been stated, Spindata rankings will be used to determine the field for the national hill climb championships, but it has been pointed out that the information regarding this was a bit vague, so below I have set out in detail how the Spindata rankings will be calculated and how they will be used.

    The Spindata ranking will be based on the average of a competitor’s 3 best hill climb rides of 2021.

    If more than 3 performances are recorded, the worst performance(s) will not count. Furthermore, a competitor’s best performance WILL count in the calculation (this is currently not the case with the Spindata rankings). It is hoped that the new algorithm will be implemented from Wednesday 15th September, so please note that the rankings before the change will not reflect the selection criteria that will be used (and also note that most people will not have ridden 3 events, so the rankings won’t start to look “right” until most people have got 3 rides in).

    The rankings as of Wednesday 13th October will be used to determine entry to the national hill climb.

    Provisional rankings will not be included in the selection criteria, and you will need at least 3 performances to be eligible for inclusion in the championships. The exception to this being those riders who have achieved a top placing in the 2018, 2019 or 2020 championships, as detailed in the previous statement regarding entry criteria. Also, as stated before, the rankings will only be used to select the field for each category if that category is over-subscribed.

    Chris Myhill

    10th September 2021

  • A mate of mine is booked in at the same place at one of their camping pods.

    I'll be there (assuming I qualify), but now only about an hour's drive away, so will come up on the morning.

  • Reckon there will be a bunch of skinny weirdos staying at the youth hostel 😆

    First 6:15am alarm of the season. Didn’t miss this.

  • Ride well!

  • Kelvin spotted that a while ago. Looks like I’ll be riding most or all of them, just hope I can find some kind of form in the next three weeks 🥴

  • What are peoples schedules here?
    Might come cheer if this is allowed again now.

  • Kingston Wheelers 18th
    Watford Velosport 19th

    Wigmore CC 26th

    Sussex CA 2nd

    2x Brighton Mitre 9th

    ESCA & Beachy Head CC 16th
    Farnham RC 17th (maybe)

    23rd and 24th are a bit thin for HCs, annoyingly the week before the Nats

    31st National HC

    7th Sussex Nomads if I'm going well and have a chance at the Stolen Goat thing

  • The hill climb scene down here in South district is almost non-existant, which is odd as we have plenty of big hills. 2 opens in the whole P district, no opens in my county (Dorset) and I can only make one club event this year...

    Think I might have a go at organising one next year. Any idea when event dates have to submitted by?

  • You associated with club? Think events have to be done via clubs right?

  • I bailed on the Leith Hill one, but hoping to do all the South Downs / Stolen Goat series but might have to actually bite the bullet and enter some.

  • Oooh interesting.
    Any hill in mind?

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Hill Climbs

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