Hill Climbs

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  • How steep is the planned hill?
    I ran a 50-34 11/32 for both my Everesting and hill climb season.

    You can easily run a 36 with a wolf tooth not sure what if any advantages there are to an mtb mech

  • The segment for his attempt was 16.3%, 840m. Average speed of 9.4km/h, 315w.
    34 front 40 rear allows you to spin at 88rpm at that speed.

  • If I decided to do an everesting on a more manageable hill, say 7%, and averaged 220w, I'd do about 14km/h, which would be ok on a 39 front 28 rear.

  • Finding the hill really is a big part of the challenge.
    I’ll probably have another go and try a best time attempt. Last time was more make sure I complete it.

  • He averaged 315w during an everesting attempt?!

  • 315w for each uphill bit.

  • Imagine the scenes; made me happy at least

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  • Wow - that’s quite a spacer stack.

    Amey to post this in HHSRB before the day is out.

  • Hah, I was very invested in that post.

    So many people telling him to go on a diet and/or take a shit, and not worry about the weight or components of the bike.

    In a S Works group.

  • Why is the original post funny?

  • I just thought it’s sold as this super lightweight bike, it’s a tiny size, in not a terrible cheap build, so pretty pricey and it still weighs as much as my Canyon.

  • Is it not an April fools?

  • There’s an Aethos Pro and Aethos expert as well.
    I’d be disappointed if I spent 6k+ and got a bike that weighed 7.11.

  • Exactly.
    I liked a guy calling for a shit or diet getting called out for having Ti skewers

  • Hah, that was me, years of HHSRB forensic component investigation experience coming to play!

  • After having some shoe problems last weekend and seeing a Charles Ouimet video on YouTube about shoe tightness effect on sprinting power i did some tests today. Shoes normal vs tight and i gained almost 10w on a 2min climb and 15w on a 30 second climb and about 30w on a flat 30s sprint. I did 2 normal and 2 tight for each effort all out of the saddle. Definitely worth a try.

  • Those roadies pulling on their toe straps going into the final km were onto this about a century ago 😀

  • I know big boy sprinters and track riders have always done it but I'm only little and not that powerful so didn't think it'd matter but it turns out it does a bit. Surely I'm not the only one this slow on the uptake? I've only been racing for over 25 years 🤦🏻♂️

  • Jokes aside, I don't imagine any of them, at least in the 20th Century, had any idea about any putative power improvement, they were just doing it to preclude inadvertent release.

  • I’ve been on this from the start, margarine gains innit. My shoes are so tight at the push off of a HC my feet are numb by the top. Only 4 mins though, not lost a toe yet.

  • Losing 1 or 2 would save a bit of weight without impacting performance...

  • Not sure if you lot will have seen this, imagine a few of you will potentially already be riding most of the series https://hillclimb.southdowns.cc/

  • Nice, those are some of my faves. Interesting to see the Nomads event on Ditchling is after the Nationals, can't smash the beers until November now!

  • Wow super cool

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Hill Climbs

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