Hill Climbs

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  • Yeah - been enjoying all the info and tips. Tried some low cadence sweet spot this week. Think my knees need to get used to it but I guess that's good too - build up some resistance to sub-optimal cadence.

  • I’ve had a massive bump in 95% of 20 from 293 to 294 which wouldn’t be too bad if I hadn’t also lumped on a couple of KGs as well!

    Still no rush at the moment obv, completely failing/struggling at the TR over under sessions and aborted an attempt at Rattlesnake despite finding the Sweetspot sessions pretty much a breeze.

  • Just seen the Cameron Jeffers video on the one month volcano hill climb plan. Not much info on the actual workouts involved but his gains were impressive 6.6% improvement i think it worked out on a 8 minute climb. It was exactly the kind plan i was looking a couple of weeks ago but with no racing planned I'm going to be mostly running over winter now. The video and plan itself are probably worth checking out. Out of interest has anyone on here tried the plan?

  • So the organisers of the national have shared how the riders did against their spindata "predicted" finish time they used to seed the event, couldn't see LFGSS posse in there though


  • Looks like it's official https://www.facebook.com/WinNats21/

    Who's in then?

  • Fair play to them. Thought they’d go with Mam Nick.

    Will be some spectacle up there. Great news for the pubs of Castleton.

  • Great news, I hope it will be a closed road. That would be really fantastic. Not too far down the road from me these days, but I still haven't ridden up there since 2016.

  • Nice. See you on the hill.

  • Hope they do a long version.

  • Apparently this segment which will be about 3 minutes

  • Not so good.

  • Maybe I will need to try and use those cheapo weights I got of FB market place rather than let them gather dust!

  • ffs to win i would need to do 8x w/kg for 3.5 minutes. I'm just trying to get aerobically fit enough to win some 2 minute hill climbs this year....Praying for the 1% chance of a 1 minute power test Nationals.

    also @dbr and @GoatandTricycle we can do some lfgss hill climb training later next year if you're ever around the Chilterns

  • Sounds good! There's a few bangers round there.

    FWIW I managed 7.4 w/kg for 3:30 this season. Think I've done better in the past but this was the first season racing with a PM.

  • Sure, never really ridden up there.

    Weighed myself last night was up a bit over 2kgs to 78.5kg. I’ve been riding exploring rather than trying to do anything quickly mind.

  • How hard is it to get a ride at the nationals? Do they give any preference to local riders?

    I’m not planning to do it but interested because every local rider I follow on Strava has been out for a sighter this week and seems to be hellbent on riding the nats.

  • If they live close enough to ride to it for a sighted, surely they’d know it already?

    It’s a bit ambiguous to me, but seems they’ll look at previous results.

  • This year they went for it and everyone got in right? The double starts and things helped. No idea for this time round obv

  • I've heard there's a pretty small window for the road closure, so don't expect there'll be quite so many places this year.

  • I genuinely think people avoid it in favour of Mam Nick when they’re coming out of the Hope Valley.

    For all of its icon status. It’s a pretty shit climb in that it’s a busy narrow road and there’s no view.

  • Yeh horrid road to ride normally, mam Nick is loads better. Amazing place to watch though- scope to get really high on the hills for mad views down onto the road

  • Looks like 360 entries max for Nationals https://www.cyclingtimetrials.org.uk/rac­e-details/22013

  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X8VtqP2e­3qI

    Phil Gaiman's everesting bike.

    Di2 XTR with 11-40t cassette and 34 inner ring at the front is interesting.
    Could easily go lighter, but sensible concessions to the needs of being 7 hours on the bike. (bar tape, bottle cage, duraace brakes)

  • I've wondered about MTB style gearing for hill climb bikes obv not light but plenty of range

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Hill Climbs

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