Hill Climbs

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  • Ran out of focus

    You’re your own worst enemy Henry! You’ve got the engine, just keep telling it what to do.

  • Gonna be smashing some beers post-National. There’s a great farm shop with local cider and beers very close to Saturday’s hill - always like to stock up as a little treat for the end of the season.

    On the alcohol frees just now - Big Drop Poolside is hands down the best AF beer I’ve tasted. Not sure I could call it out in a blind test.

  • Need to get you into that lactic pain locker! (If it gives you some more watts)

  • Could be right...

  • Big Drop

    What hill-climbers secretly dream of. :)

    Enjoy the beer--well-earned, I'm sure.

  • Just been reading a higher calling, it’s a great read. Whilst not specifically about training it touches on it in places.
    Have you done anything hypoxic stuff?
    Sounds quite interesting but I’ve only just started looking at it.

  • Smashing it! I'm looking forward to a socially distanced catch up this weekend.
    I'll bring the coffee machine (@Kelvin / @luft / @GoatandTricycle also if you're riding/ anyone else)
    Just bring a cup and some water.

  • Where is this? The nationals I presume?

  • Haha, rad! What machine? You'll get to see me going a bit wrong having munched 400mg of caffeine gum before the race then smashing espresso in a field.

  • hypoxic stuff

    Isn't that how Michael Hutchence checked out?

  • Michael Hutchence checked out?

    For the record, no, it's not. It's a sad urban myth about a great singer who died in a tragic manner. If you've not seen the recent doc and like INXS I'd highly recommend it.

  • Yeah, not sure that will improve your hill climbing ability, other than shedding some extra weight...

  • Well if we can find a long flight of steps a very primitive form seems to be hold your breath see how far up you get.

  • Oh and be prepared to faint 😣😬

  • I thought all you had to put the dates of the races into Trainer Road and do what it tells you? That’s what I’m banking on for next year...

    That and trying not to fall over.

    Joking aside have you done the strength training stuff before, a lot of people do swear by it, a proper coach has always felt like a crazy amount on money but I supposed compared to money spent on bikes and parts it might be a better bang for the buck.

  • Yep.
    @dbr one that plugs into the car and delivers a shot eventually- and one at a time.
    It is good though- it is mainly used for when I (used to) sleep in the car for surfing. (pre2020)

  • Does anyone have the live stream link for the nationals?

  • Strength training for high power efforts is undeniably useful.

    Much like the cliche of women not wanting to get big muscles from weight training, it’s pretty hard to gain significant muscle weight without the nutrition to support it.

    On the other hand, if 2-3kg of extra muscle meant 100w more in a 30s-1m sprint, and a 15-20w more on your FTP, you’d probably take it?

  • Yeah I'll take that what have i got to do?

  • I think the standard is deadlifts and squats until your legs and glutes explode. (In size hopefully)

    For most cyclists, adding muscle mass and strength to the lower body must be more useful in all cases, unless you add so much muscle mass that your power to weight suffers for longer hills/mountains.

  • Yeah thanks i should probably ask for advice on this in the training section. I know the movements its the impact of the muscle soreness on the rest of my training that i struggle will so more of a frequency/periodisation question i suppose

  • The event will be filmed live by Velo29...

  • Depends on what you are training for?
    AFAIK, track sprinters do several double days, with gym in the morning, track in the afternoon.

    They may focus more on bulking during offseason though?

  • Its always amazed me how sprinters do those double days. Every time I've tried to focus on strength by doing 2x intense lifting workouts a week I'm just sore all the time and any riding or running above higher tempo intensity seems so difficult which maybe be OK ok when doing winter volume at lower intensities but hard to incorporate it when trying to do vo2 max intervals within the same training block . I'll ask about this in training so i don't pull this thread sideways. I'm just panic training really as the season is almost over just as its begun and unless i can improve my 1-5 min power I'm not going to win anything. (note to self panic training = over training so don't do that)

  • the season is almost over just as its begun and unless i can improve my 1-5 min power I'm not going to win anything.

    You want to improve your 2 min power in the week before the National so you can win it?

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Hill Climbs

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