Hill Climbs

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  • Hmm maybe I could make that my last one.
    Could have time to get out to it try improve last times outing

  • There's this one on the 1st as well I'm currently planning on riding but given the late closing date might wait for weather news https://www.cyclingtimetrials.org.uk/rac­e-details/21364

  • Be a good one for your new TT bike - I averaged 30kph (with a tailwind) on Knights Hill.

  • You couldn't climb it in aero position though right?

  • Nah, out the saddle for the first ramp then hunker down into aero for the rest.

  • I'm gonna have to go and try it out now aren't I?

  • @umop3pisdn aiming for a 59.91 GR for natty hill bro.
    Sadly the 68kg is about 4 more than I should be carrying but hey Ho.
    @Kelvin are you still riding the TT on Sunday?

  • Tall! Hope it works for you.

  • Hand still a bit sketchy but hopeful I'll struggle through! What's your start time?

  • Start sheet is online for the Nats

  • Who's everyone's money on

  • Meant 52.91! oops.

    @Kelvin in theory 8.58
    Just waiting on a part for the bike otherwise I can't make it.

    @Josh012 I've hopes for the lad above you.

  • I'm no expert but Calum Brown's been pretty widely tipped so far right?

  • Though Tom Bell seems to be on top form in the races this year

  • 10w/kg for the duration for the win?
    Andrew Feather has ludicrous W/kg for 2-4m.

  • I know 10w/kg for 2 minutes was what Ed Laverack had planned he needed from his vlog

  • Ed has no chance here, calum on the other hand can 100% push 10 w/kg for 2 mins

  • Horrific from me there. Ran out of focus at km 33, or just before the roundabout. Felt like it could’ve been quick.

    How’d you go?

  • Strava reckons just under 1.02, it's my first standard distance TT and first 25TT and on a road bike, so fairly content, overtook 5 (or maybe six riders) and only one came past me, but I was prob under seeded.

    I got stuck behind a tractor towing something on the dual carriageway which was a mixed blessing, was really easy drafting it at 30MPH but could have gone faster, ended up pulling into the fast lane to overtake.

    I think will be a fast day overall, thought it was gonna be colder than it was and spent a bit of time faffing with poorly fitting knee warmers on the first third, ended up with them round my ankles!

  • That’s ace from a road bike! I got a load of traffic around the car boot sale and that was a bit of a pain... but mostly just not focused enough.

  • The amount of dirt on the road there was a bit sketchy as well.

  • Looks like Tom Bell won again this weekend, another course longer than nationals though...

    @dbr looks like you had a decent weekend too?

  • Yeah not bad. 3rd on Saturday and maybe 6th today. Frustratingly I think I rode a better race today than I did on the same course in September - and I got exactly the same bloody time! That’s the second time this season on different hills!

    Just feel like I’m not quite pinging this year. I’d expect to improve over the season.

    Thinking of changing up my training next year, if anyone has any suggestions I’m all ears. Coach? Weight training? Loads more sweet spot base and save the intervals for August / September? 🤷🏽♀️

  • Drink more beer, it works for hill-climbing champion @hippy.

  • Very close to going under an hour on a road bike! That’s strong work, well done.

    Think I’ll do the slightly hilly LVCC E1/25 in March on a track bike of some description, should be fun.

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Hill Climbs

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