Upgrades/ New Shit in Norwich

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  • really practical winter clearances...

    ...for mudguards...you know you want to.

  • I honestly would if I could fit one on the front, but as it is I couldn't get the front Raceblade between the downtube and the 25c without it rubbing on either, so it seems a bit pointless having a proper rear without the proper front.

    So, a wobbly rear Raceblade and overshoes for the rainy days is how it will remain!

  • Look at the size of them! I was thinking more...

  • Minimalist & classy - tick.
    Effective - erm....

  • I'd quite like to try them, just out of curiosity, but they're very prohibitively priced!

  • Shitty phone pics will have to suffice for now I'm afraid.

    It's a Pettenella that's been rebranded as a Waja, which was a polish team/shop? I really don't have that much info but it's a nice frame, super light with aero tubing and campag dropouts/fork ends.

    It's incredibly ratty, you'll notice it more so in the flesh but I quite like that. Fitted the C-Record lookalike headset (after removing it from the Olmo, first time I've done it! ✊🏻) and Matt popped a bottom bracket in, which turned out to be a bit too long so we'll have to sort that.

    Really quick mock up here (with on trend wide crabon barz™), none of which is staying as the seapost and saddle will be replaced with a silver post and Flite and the cockpit with a Pro-Chrome and some Bontrager Spotter bars. Wheels will be TB14's laced to System-Ex hubs, or something similar, and I haven't decided on cranks yet.

    Oh and the forks will be drilled too.

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  • Looks super nice that mate! Looking ratty is great!

  • Cheers chap, yeah I love how ratty it is, it's just far rattier than I was assuming!

    Now fitted with a Pro Chrome stem in a more suitable length and I'm hoping the Spotter bars will arrive today.

    Had a faff with the BB as I bought a square tapered job which turned out to be far too long. I could be wrong on this but standard Italian shell width is 70mm? The Waja is annoyingly 65mm, which severely limits my choice of BB unless I want a mass of cup sticking out one end. I think the easiest (well, more readily available) option is to go for an external crankset and chuck a couple of spacers in, which is why I nabbed a cheap set of on one external track cranks. I'm pretty sure the Olmo is Italian threaded so I should be able to nick the BB out of that.*

    *You can probably tell by reading that that I know nothing about Bottom Brackets!

  • New cockpit, seatpost and saddle. External BB installed and cranks on the way, reckon I'll need some spacers for the BB but I guess I'll find out when the cranks arrive

    Phone shot again

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  • Looking fly! What tape are you going for?

  • Thanks! Probably Lizard Skins DSP or one of the Fizik Performance options

  • I really rate the DSP, but it is a bit grippy/shiny at first if you're used to cork tape. It's mega in the wet with gloves on though - no slipping at all.

  • Is that what you're using? I thought yours was Fizik. I'm thinking DSP as the little ridge down the middle of the Fizik stuff is putting me off, can see that being a bit irritating

  • Yeah, I wore out the Fizik stuff, so got a roll of DSP from Evans about six months back. Much prefer it. The ridges in the Fizik are actually quite nice if you get them in the right place, I just found it was a bit of a pain to wrap nicely.

  • What lever are you using? I've found some 26.0 Tektros but £20 for a pair when I'll only use one is a bit steep

  • A Specialized cross-top shimmed from 26.0 up to 31.8 with a mysterious bit of plastic I found in my toolbox. Really bodged, but works well enough!

    I've got another one in that big box I think, but you'd probably be better off finding a 26.0 one!

  • I'm up for splitting a set if you are? You'd be getting the LH though!

  • Ha, nah I'm alright with my shimmed one. You're welcome to my left hand one, but they do feel a bit odd flipped over.

  • Whoop. New Xmas bike has arrived. Pics to follow...

  • No but has off road fat tyres.

  • Balance bike?

  • ;)

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Upgrades/ New Shit in Norwich

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