Upgrades/ New Shit in Norwich

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  • Looks nice @Rikki. You should bring it out for a ride soon

  • Woah slow down there, I don't want to get ahead of myself!* Aha

    Thanks! There's a few things I want to change but it's definitely getting there

    *thought I'd get the jokes in there before @hudsoncjnr ;)

  • Well, if you are at a loose end me and @hudsoncjnr are meeting at 7 for about 40 miles :-)

  • I'd probably have struggled with four miles aha

    Thanks for the invite though, hope it went well

  • Not too bad. A bit of a circus unfortunately, as the group that went out was a bit too big to be policed properly and there was lots of starting, stopping and waiting around for stragglers. We decided to peel off after an hour and half and make our own (pacier) way back. I think we are going to start doing our own thing Tuesdays / Thursdays now and I'll be leading a ride out instead.

  • im always keen....

  • Back to a road bike again, just waiting for front mech to arrive

  • I dont use eBay for certain reasons but it's funny as I was speaking to Thross about getting these exact wheels the other day

    If anyone local has them I will take them of your hands

  • Did you see the Ventos on here I linked you to the other day?

  • New tyres and guards on the Fuji; think this is finally finished.

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  • You'll be needing them guards soon

  • Really like that!

  • You'll be needing them guards soon

    I better get mine out of the garage and rehouse the spiders.
    Also, this morning I did start wondering about lights...

  • 6:30am on a Sunday morning is needing full lights now.

    Not sure if I'll manage to commute sans lights for much longer either, especially on dull days like today.

  • Did you take the Cannondale out on Sunday?

  • @jdp I did.

    Just a tad under 55 miles to Yaxham Waters and back, with a little detour to take a look at the abandoned County School railway station. Very cool.

    The bike performed admirably. Once it's up to speed it just glides along. Still lots of tweaking to do though; saddle to bar drop and reach etc. Need to play about with some stems. I really miss my Zondas too, it makes you realise how fast them buggers spin up. Maybe that will be my first upgrade :-)

    Hopefully next Sunday will be dry too. Not sure how many more chances she's going to get to go out before she has to hibernate until spring.

  • Ready for the winter!

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  • Seems like they did their job well enough tonight

  • This is currently on its way to Norwich 👍🏻

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  • New gear ratio + new chain + jubilee clip bottle mount = really practical winter clearances...

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  • What frame is that Rikki? Sizes etc and yeah more pictures when you get it!

    Your bike is looking great as usual @thross

  • Thanks pal!

    I'm trying to decide whether to let Dandy Matt or Pat Limit to drill more holes in my frame for proper bottle bosses in the Spring.

    Updates get really mundane when you're bike's essentially finished.

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Upgrades/ New Shit in Norwich

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