Boris bikes and cycle superhighways - your views needed

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  • What do you think of the Barclays Cycle Hire scheme? Have you used one of the Mayor's Cycle Superhighways? The London Assembly is conducting an early progress check to assess the initial impact of these new cycling schemes, looking at how any problems are being addressed and the potential for expansion and extension.

    Please tell us your views by completing our short survey at­g

    Many thanks

  • completed the survey.

  • this might be a good opportunity to say exactly what we think about those hopeless smurfways, and to advocate for some kind of cycling infrastructure that grandmothers and children and nervous people might feel safe using...­arisons-of-british-vs-dutch-streets.html­­10/01/how-integrationist-became.html

  • London Assembly - why do you call them Boris Bikes when they were already planned before Johnson was elected?

    Are you an assembly member?

  • No, probably someone who works on the scrutiny that's currently happening.

    And 'Boris bikes' was invented by journalists, I think.

  • are you trying to be down with the kids?

    survey done anyway.

  • I have completed to survey.


  • done,
    strange how simian one actually feels after completing these.

  • Boris Bikes, or Barclays Bikes - hardly a nice choice.

    Must say I do enjoy the amount of suits you see rolling around on them. The average user def seems to be older than I'd anticipated, it's great.

    Have completed the survey

  • WHAT? Where does it say 'Boris Bikes' !?

  • done,
    strange how simian one actually feels after completing these.

    loved that toon.

  • Bikes great.
    Superhighways rubbish.

  • .

    That's weird.

  • ooops my bad - in the sodding title of the thread.

    London Assembly is a Boris acolyte.

  • They are Ken Bikes!

  • replied. superhighways rubbish. boris bikes great. APART from the lack of signalling to the location of a docking station. Those fancy new maps have appeared all over london but have no indication of where a docking station is located. rubbish!

  • I rode a blue bike to Bodeans on Wed. It was good.

  • Bikes great.
    Superhighways rubbish.


    painting green blue doesn't make it safe

  • They are Ken Bikes!

    Kencycles, if you will...

  • Complete, now waiting for ..........


    Despite repeated delays to the wider rollout of Boris Johnson's bikes for rent scheme in London, new figures show the public is supportive of the scheme, which aims to get more people cycling. PRWeek/OnePoll's latest survey of 3,000 members of the public found that although 65 per cent said it was too early to judge whether Boris' scheme was a success, the scheme has been welcomed in principle.

    Two-thirds of respondents said the scheme's £140m cost was a reasonable use of money, with 36 per cent believing it would pay for itself in the long run and 31 per cent believing the cost was immaterial if it got more people cycling. Eighty-three per cent wanted the scheme to be replicated in other cities, although 35 per cent admitted they would not use such a scheme themselves and only 16 per cent said they cycled regularly.

    However, the majority of respondents were worried about the safety of cycling, with 77 per cent saying they believed cycling was definitely, or a little, dangerous.

    A third of respondents said the boost to cycling's profile in recent years was because of health and fitness benefits, while 27 per cent said it was a result of cycling being more environmentally friendly than cars or public transport.

    There was surprisingly little scepticism over high profile politicians such as Boris Johnson and David Cameron cycling, with only 28 per cent believing it was just a publicity stunt. Forty-two per cent thought it would encourage others to follow their example and 26 per cent thought it showed the politicians were in touch with environmental and health issues.

    Survey of 3,000 members of the public conducted by global research agency OnePoll


    No - bikes are annoying to motorists 8%
    No - it's dangerous 10%
    Yes - better for the environment 36%
    Yes - better for health 46%

    No more than any other transport 19.5%
    Not at all dangerous 3%
    Yes, definitely 22.5%
    A little 55%

    Rollout of scheme
    83% of respondents said they would like to see the London bike hire scheme replicated in other citiesBarclays
    69% were unaware that the cycle hire scheme is sponsored by Barclays

    56% disagreed that Boris Johnson would succeed in making the bikes into London 'icons'

    16% of respondents said they cycled regularly

  • They are Ken Bikes!

    Correct. Until a tragedy happens and then they can be Boris Bikes.

  • Rollout of scheme
    83% of respondents said they would like to see the London bike hire scheme replicated in other citiesBarclays

    This corporate branding is getting out of hand now.

  • I'd be interested to know how much it costs to have those guys with the funny trucks move the bikes from location to location everyday.

  • Last Saturday I joined Route 3 just off the Isle of Dogs where a sign told me that it would take me 15 minutes to get to Tower Gateway. I am a slow and careful rider and managed the journey in 7 minutes. It wasn't very nice being thrown around from one side of the road to the other and having to cope with poor surfaces.

    Think I'll stick to the road next time.

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Boris bikes and cycle superhighways - your views needed

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