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  • I just love folk process--the one I know is by the Dubliners (sung by Luke Kelly). Great fun to compare the two versions:­Wnw

    Not to be confused with the more famous 'Foggy Dew':­Gps

  • Yeah, it's lovely to see new generations of musicians revisiting/reinterpreting songs isn't it! Ye Vagabonds is very different lyrically but they're all great... Lots of amazing young folk bands doing really interesting things!

  • Lots of amazing young folk bands doing really interesting things

    It was ever thus. Since the 70s folk revival. There have been young folk, individually and groups keeping up the tradition. Some the children of folk dynasties / dinosaurs and some entering into the fray

  • Yay me! I finally managed to see The Embers tonight, who were superb and immediately ended up getting booked for another gig. Great to meet @owl! If you haven't seen them yet, you're as much of a fool as I was before tonight and need to correct this immediately. :)

  • Thanks Oliver - lovely to meet you tonight and cheers for coming down! Really appreciate it. Proper forum vibes x

  • Wee video from our Green Note gig. Excuse the rubbish iphone recorded sound quality. We'd hoped to get a mix from the desk but the wrong engineer was working...­kYA

  • The Embers will be playing on Friday the 13th September at Biddle Brothers in Lower Clapton Road. Anyone else keen to go? As noted before, they are excellent. I'll also be going to the Hackney Downs Vegan Night Market beforehand, at Hackney Downs Studios not far away.

  • Excellent gig by Reg Meuross tonight, playing his new album ('RAW'). He's my favourite active songwriter at the moment. Completely unamplified at the Cockpit Theatre with a crowd who all love him and where you could feel the intensity of the attentiveness. 16 fine new songs, although including two not-so-new ones that he found again after having lost them by accident.

    I also recently saw the '12 Silk Handkerchiefs' show, about the 1968 Hull triple trawler disaster. That was excellent, too, although quite different, as it was a mixed show including readings by Brian Lavery from his book about it. He doesn't play that many London shows, but I hope he'll be back soon.

  • The Embers tonight at on The Golden Hinde, of all places. Freezing cold, but a great gig. Too short, would have listened until frozen solid. :)

  • Bump.

    Great gigs over the week-end, first an excellent Pete Cooper solo gig (with guests who sang and also played the violin, including some of his violin students, who were great) at The Cellar Upstairs, and then Leon Rosselson at (a sold-out) Walthamstow Folk Club, who is simply one of the best. He got a standing ovation. I know @Skülly has been meaning to see him for some time now, so a heads-up that he's playing at The Goose Is Out! at the Ivy House on the 31st January.

  • The Goose Is Out! at the Ivy House

    Oh! Almost my dad's local (and mine for donkeys' years). I've been to the odd quiz there and seen a mate's band but not had the pleasure of any folk nights. Might check this out, cheers.

  • ...One of the quizzes had a cycling theme and they had some sort of vintage racing machine on the stage. One question was "How many nipples are on the bicycle?" Great quiz.

  • If you do, be quick to book--it usually sells out when they put on someone that popular.

  • 👍Cheers Oliver!

  • Watched fishermans friends for sweet true tale of folk musics Cornish sea shanty band that got high in the charts in the early 90s for the authenticity on the era of mediocre crap

  • Playing at the Green Note on Friday 31st Jan with my folk band - if anyone's into vaguely bluegrassy/folky sounds it should be fun night...­he-embers/

  • And in case anyone has missed me saying it (ad nauseam), they're excellent.

  • There's a new folk club in Dulwich, at the Lordship:

    It started in January and is hosting great acts. Not only for those of a South London bent. Reg Meuross in July, for instance.

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Folk Music

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