Is it time to start calling out bad cyclists?

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  • I almost admired the utter lack of fucks he gave.


  • rpm is certainly keeping busy recently

  • Doing some sunny laps of the inner circle, normally a bit smashy but people are generally friendly and respectful.

    This morning a group of absolute wankers, were doing some kind of smash intervals on their MAMIL machines with aero helmets with a leader calling out instructions. Group of about 8, two of them were super close to taking out my handlebars whilst sprinting 3 abreast. I suspect it was deliberately intimidating, my wife certainly felt so. Cunts. Only discernible kit was LVCC (not one of the closer passers)...guilty by association.

    /end of rant

  • Might be worth exploringe todays Strava segment tables / flybys to try identify a few of the riders?

  • First ever trip to Regents this morning and while 99% of the cyclists there were no aggro at all I had 3 people in the same group of about 8 flying past and all cutting in front of me when only just past my front wheel. As I said it was my first time so not sure if that's the norm but would like to think it isn't!

  • These guys?

    One of them is my friend, but if they are fucking up they need to be told.

  • yes, this is them. Most of them had that logo on their backs

  • What time were you there? I love a Regents lap, but the earlier you go - especially before the park opens - the more seriously people take it. Lapping at 6:30-7am means you'll encounter massive packs of choppers, most of whom don't know each other but have just wheeled up with people at their own pace. Mix that in with some fairly fast roadiebro zwift types and laps can get messy. Best advice is to stay out of the packs, give overtaking riders plenty of space and pretend they don't have any group riding skills.

  • I was in the park and spotted these guys too- I was going pretty quick and they overtook me before immediately easing up which really boils my piss at the best of times. One of them waving a go-pro around and swerving all across the road capturing footage for some kind of 'sick edit/hot content' I presume

  • Got there around 7 I think. I was minding my own business it was the big group that were overtaking me then cutting directly in front which seemed a bit like a punishment pass. Anyway I still loved it and am actually going back tomorrow. To be honest I probably wouldnt have even remembered it happening if it werent for @dangerous_d mentioning it

    I always assume people around me have no bike skills just in case. I'm not in any rush anyway just enjoying the sun on my bike so taking the long way round people and waiting for the groups to pass before overtaking anyone isnt an issue

  • give overtaking riders plenty of space

    How does this work?

  • ?

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  • overtaking me then cutting directly in front

    I've been getting this generally and was wondering if it was just me. Quite often when a fast group comes past the last rider tends to cut back in across my front wheel.

  • Skinsuits for Regent's Park laps. Lolz.

  • Drift a little to the left so you aren't elbow to elbow. Obviously if someone is going a lot faster then yeah nothing to be done, but if I hear someone coming from behind or is overtaking at medium pace then I'm going to give them more than an arms length.

  • Obviously if someone is going a lot faster then yeah nothing to be done

    @Brave knows what to do in this situation

  • capturing footage for some kind of 'sick edit/hot content' I presume

    I think it's called "creating assets for content" now.

  • If they're passing too close to your front wheel, steer towards it so if there is contact, you'll be prepared for it and probably less likely to get washed out. Aero gainz too.

  • Ive been going many times a week for a while. I like the relative quietness. Being a certified chopper, I dont mind a quick overtake and bit of a cut up, but this morning was different hence my post on here. It was super close, dangerous and needlessly aggressive.

    Mind you, a high-speed pass of a plonker must of made their relative speed look totally 'gram worthy.

  • I was out this morning, it was more choppy than usual. Im not sure why, but tuesdays are often busy and the sun probably encourages the idiots out. There is always some dodgy riding tho, best bet if you dont want a smashfest is to come a bit later, but thats not always so easy either.

  • If you're riding a reasonable distance from the kerb, I wouldn't recommend drifting left on the off chance that one of the cunts thinks it's a good idea to pass you on the inside.

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Is it time to start calling out bad cyclists?

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