What is my XYZ worth? How much is THIS worth? Value my...

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  • Look for completed listings on eBay. There’s usually quite a bit of variation depending on condition.

    What size? I’d be interested

  • @BlackMath large, 57cm.

  • Let the market decide, I guess.

  • Rough paint takes a lot of value out.

  • Whats a fair price for this, assuming it goes to a good forumer. Only done 1700 summer Kms. One owner. And has some bars. Just not the aero type.
    Only down side it's fully slammed with the minimal arcos headset spacer. Size small

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  • 3T Strada pro, Carbon Hunts, Ceramic speed. How much would you pay?

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  • Caad 10 Disc Sram Rival 11spd - currently unbuilt
    Decent condition and pretty much standard. Mark under the rear bridge where the mudguard rubbed but apart from that clean and scratch/dent free,
    It's currently in bits as I used it with di2 and have moved this to another bike.
    Is it worth building up and selling or selling F&F and groupset separately?

    This is it built up.

  • Some guy I've been chatting to has a Colnago up for sale, hes asked me how much its worth but I don't really have much experience in nags or Italian stuff tbh. Its a Colnago Master Piu in what seems to be really good condition. Anyone know what it might be worth?

    Full campag I believe, atlanta wheels, Veloce Brifters, Athena cranks not pcitured but frame is pantoed everywhere.

    If I can help the guy he might l give me a discount on the bike I'm buying for a mate.


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  • That looks to be in very nice shape. Also a rather unusual color that i can see quite a few would be interested in versus the usual bussy graphics. Think the frameset would go for around 800 gbp or so on the bay if someone was looking to maximize the profits. Provided its in as nice a shape as it looks.

    Parts are not super expensive but panto always ads a bit if u meant the parts are panto? frame always has a lot of colnago cutouts everywhere so thats standard.

    If it were mine id be looking to sell for 1000 gbp locally or something like that. But the market here is pretty meh about bikes from the past even if nice ones.

  • i tried to sell mine 2 years ago as F&F, didn't really get a bite that went anywhere....


    i'm just building it back up with a flat bar, and 1x10 mtb gearing...

  • Anyone familiar with these tubular clinchers? Came with a track wheelset recently, and google isn't throwing up much other than Tufo branded stuff for tubular clinchers...

    Happy to sit on them as an oddity, but they hold air well and the tread seems to be fresh so would be tempted to sell if someone out there was looking.... but curious if anyone knows anything about the brand etc?

  • Hi
    I have an old Elswick Targa Men's bicycle which I've been meaning to sell for some time now.
    I've looked on eBay several times in recent years but never found the same model.
    Plenty of Elswick bikes on eBay but never the 'Targa' model, so I'm wondering if anyone could tell me if it was an uncommon model or not?
    And what sort of value it might have?
    Any info appreciated.
    It was bought in the early 1980s and has been stored for the last 36 years!
    Not surprisingly it needs some TLC
    Photo added. Better photos in a few days time.....
    Cheers, Andy

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  • Probably a Falcon built bike for catalogues like Grattans / Empire Stores. Low production runs and did not appear in normal bike shops.

  • Is it worth building up and selling or selling F&F and groupset separately?

    Looks good but most likely you’ll get more £ by selling separately.

  • Thanks for the reply.
    Was bought from a bike shop though. I think the bike shop logo is on there somewhere.

  • A few more photos of my old bicycle. Cleaned up a bit now.
    Made by Elswick Hopper Cycles.
    Bought from Ivor Clark Cycles of Harefield.
    What increments do bike frames go in? is it 1 inch increments?
    Seems to be a 25" frame - if I've understood correctly how to measure it.
    I've never been able to find the Targa model for sale on ebay so any ideas about value would be great.......
    Thanks in advance

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  • Is anyone able to share what the value of a vintage Campagnolo 650c Scirocco front disc in excellent condition is? All I can find online is speculation.

  • Got a genesis day one 20 with a nexus 8 hub last summer and it's been off road all winter so pretty much as new. Barely done any miles other than a few v short commutes (15 mins) and some family spins at a gentle pace. I've seen some online (https://www.dalescycles.com/genesis-day-­one-20-2019-road-bike) and also on ebay for £999.

    What would be a fair price?

  • I sold one exactly the same very quickly recently for 540 I think - you may get a touch more.

  • What would be a plausible figure to ask if I were to sell my wheelset? Chris King R45D hubs, Aforce AL33 disc wheels 24F/28R, handbuilt by a reputable wheelbuilder in London. Not light. Ridden about 5000 miles or so. I know it will be a loss, but how much of a loss?

  • Hunt Carbon 30 wheels through axles from a Mason Definition...no tyres or rotors but in excellent condition...about a year old...Any ideas as to their value?

  • Never sold a group set before, but I have a pretty lightly used 105 group set. 2x11 speed.

    No cables.
    Worked my way through one chain on it, so not heavily worn.

    Is 300 reasonable?

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What is my XYZ worth? How much is THIS worth? Value my...

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