What is my XYZ worth? How much is THIS worth? Value my...

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  • 20quid fair price

  • Went for £99 on eBay in the end which seems mental to me!

  • Lol people people this days just buy the copy one from aliex they do the same job

  • Yeah I've no idea why you'd pay £99 for a bit of rubber (although I've seen them going for a lot more than that) but I'm glad someone did!

  • Desperate move heyyy, got one for sale but come with a bike😉

  • Following on from this:


    Could anyone help with a value for this wheelset pls? I know nothing of MTBs.

    Basically I have the 26" front wheel as originally listed, so Hope Pro 2 Evo laced to Stans No Tubes Crest ZTR, with tape/tube and Schwalbe CX Comp tire

    Then I have the component parts to make up a slightly mismatching 26" rear which would be Shimano Deore FH-M615 hub, DT Swiss E540 with tape/tube and Schwalbe CX Comp tire

    Any idea what either the front is worth on its own? Or should I get rear built up and sell as a pair? Thanks

  • Hello, just got this Kettler Strato in mint’er condition than I excpected. It has a full Shimano 600ax, except the front derlailur is Dura-Ace, the stem is weird and has a Nitto Aero handlebar. What could be the hubs, the QR says suntour, but no markings on hub. What could this be worth, should i ride it hard or is it special?

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  • I just got a kashimax saddle with flowers on it from a guy from reddit. He was giving it away for free. I thought it looked cool and free is free and he wasnt that far from me.

    Not sure what to do with it, but a quick google search shows similar flowery kashimax saddles going for decent money. Anyone have any insights?

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  • You got it for free, ride it and be grateful, don't be a profiteering twat.

  • hah bloody hell mate, just curious. I assumed someone would say it was fake.

  • Sorry, I didn't mean that you ARE a profiteering twat, it was just that I get stupidly annoyed at people on here spotting a bargain and turning the good intentions of others into instant cash for themselves. I meant please don't be that person. It certainly looks genuine to me, enjoy!

  • don't worry i understand, ill do something cool with it. problem is its hard to match with anything hah

  • New bike.

    Custom paint.


  • What kind of price are steel track frames at the moment?

    I'm thinking of selling my Roberts.... resprayed by Vaz a few years ago, no dings or dents but a few paint chips, notably on the headtube. 53 x 54cm (iirc), nice tight geometry, drilled for front brake only, SLX tubing, flat crown, 27.2, 100/110mm spacing, BSA BB & headset, etc...

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  • going for decent money

    oh I have one in the shed somewhere...

  • How much do people reckon for 2006 Chorus 10 speed mini group?- square taper crank (silver), silver rear mech and somewhat scuffed shifters (need new hoods ideally). Will be sold with Veloce front mech and Record square taper bottom bracket.

    Upgrading to 11 speed in the near future, so need to shift the whole lot.

  • Trying to get rid of this and trying to get a bit of sense check here. Not the most amazing build but a solid Mike Kowal 531 frame. Has a good amount of clearance and some mounts. Could be a nice fixed / ss audax or even a tracklocross bike. Lots of scratches but no dents or dings. Needs a clean.

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  • Sup all... Is this the thread I can ask about pricing bike parts?
    What do I price rims at?

    Anyone have a clue what a 30mm and 50mm Planet X crabon tubs cost?

    I have some tubs that need going as they were for a stolen project I'll never complete #RIPSuperLightSuperSafe

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What is my XYZ worth? How much is THIS worth? Value my...

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