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  • Someone's asked to buy my Zo messenger bag (strap buckles are from 1994 so I guess that's an approximation of the age). I can't say that I'm looking to sell it but has anyone got any clue what they're worth? Bonkers that an old messenger bag has a cult following.

  • Shimano 600 Ultegra "seat pillar" 26.4 - Small crack, centre of the lower rail clamp - See photos.

    How much should I be asking? Same as this one (obviously not in the same condition):

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  • When I've seen them on eBay about $300+ for a nice one. I think between $300-500 would be about right, if it's in excellent condition.

    I would never sell my PACs as they're not even being made anymore (not regularly, anyway), and would be impossible to replace.

    Zo were the "original", right? Maybe sell if you're not using it, but aim high with the price.

  • I'm going to sell my minigravel-turned-endurance bike sometime in the future, possibly around December. I know it's a little bit early but still wanted to see what would be a good price to aspire to. It will also be the deciding factor if I should keep it to set up for the Mrs (new stem and bars possibly) instead.

    Canyon Endurace AL Disc frame (2017) good condition, 1st owner
    R470 on DT3770 hubs (bearings in the rear just replaced)

    The gruppo on it is pretty new, nothing left from the oem 105/2017 setup:
    R8020 levers (purchased second hand last year) + new RX600 1x chainring and RX812 RD, new rotors, 2nd hand Ultegra calipers. It's currently set up with a Fizik saddle, carbon seatpost, 32mm tanwall WTBs.

    What should I ask for? Also it's mostly black.

  • No pics but what would be a fair price for a

    • Surly pacer, repainted pearlescent white
    • Frame in good nick though some faint surface rust spots under the bottom bracket
    • Campagnolo Veloce groupset from 05, could do with a service
    • Mavic open pro rims on campagnolo hubs

  • On here? Try 350?

  • Not on here, unless someone wants to pay postage from Sweden?

    Not sure if I should sell it or keep it for sentimental reasons...

  • Thanks @Super_653

    Crazy for an old messenger bag, it's in line with what I was offered. I've decided to keep it, it's a great bag, kept everything dry in a downpour and the more I read, the more I like the sound of Erik Zo. If I ever need the cash I can sell it.

  • Would like to sell two maybe three bikes.
    Raleigh clubman (modern one not vintage) 10 speed tiagra, rack and pdw guards. Easily less than 500 miles. Been in the shed unridden for 4 years.

    Hoy 20 bonaly 6 speed. Great nick for a kids bike. Rear needs truing probably.

    Arkose small mudguards, rack, 1* 10.Combat green paint.

  • Bump. Couldn't find sold equivalents on eBay for the clubman.

  • Old Time Trial Bike

    Ken Ryall 22 .5" frame, in 531 super light tubing, silver soldered.

    Dated 1976.

    I'm almost certain this frame was built by Stan Pike.

    It belonged to a deceased club mate and I've been asked by his son to find a new owner.

    The equipment is good quality and almost new condition, but not exactly fashionable eg TA 3 pin chainset, sprint rims (l/f Campag hubs, though and I think they're 32/32) etc.

    The frame is very short wheelbase with lots of toe /front wheel overlap.

    I really haven't much idea how much to ask for this - in some ways it's desirable, but I'm not sure what it could be used for today.

    If anyone here is interested, I should be able to get some photos next week.

    What do you think?

  • How much would a used but good condition Brompton titanium Rear triangle go for?

  • Got a pair of Stans Radler tubeless wheels - 28 spoke on Formula Ultralight with discs - good nick, no idea what they're worth. Any ideas ?

  • Anyone got any idea about my bike? Think I’m going to shift it. It’s got Visom, whatever that is, logos all over it. Appears to be a re-brand as frame and forks are Moser. Everything early/mid 70s (?) Campag except for a 105 rear mech and some cheap calipers. 70s 3T bars and stem, Mavic tubular rims.

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  • how much is an 11sp, second hand full etap group worth do we reckon?

  • Can I get an approximate value for brother in laws Giant?

    Right hand shifter is dead, and rear rim has very little life left. Otherwise it's in ok condition for a bike that has had a few owners.


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  • Any idea what price this is?


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  • Thinking of getting rid of my Colnago Dream and wondered what it might be worth.

    Paint is pretty scratched on top tube, rest good, decals on forks slightly missing

    It has a Campag Centaur Groupset
    American Classic Rear wheel, front wheel is and American classic hub with an H Son rim
    3T Stem, can't remember what the bars are, stem £5 one
    Selle Italia SLR SuperFlow Saddle with TI Rails

    Needs a clean and a service.

    What's it roughly worth?

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  • I've got two Open Pro ceramic rims in black I want to sell. They're in excellent condition - not perfect but not far off. I have no idea what they're worth but they haven't been made for years. Some crap pics below. Any ideas? I'd prefer them to go to someone on here at a good price.

    Both 32h and the more modern version - probably some of the last ones made I think.

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  • Hi Forum wisdom, can I add a question?

    I've got a first generation battleship grey Surly Steamroller fork and frame in size 55cm. Also, a set of Campagnolo record large flange on Mavic Open Pro 32 spoke track wheels.

    Well out of touch with the market! any pointers?

  • I’d be quite keen to get these for a good price if you don’t mind. Got a truing stand And wanna get into building Wheels more. Will do some research on price

  • Hey,

    was wandering how much its worth - Sugino 75 NJS without chainring. Big shoe rub on both sides. Tapers are fine.

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  • How much would a complete collection of Cyclist Magazine be worth?

  • How much is a Kashimax Five Gold top tube protector worth these days? I understand they're pretty sought after.

  • How much you think complete without caradice.

    XTR M900 (front and rear mechs, brakes, BB, crank, headset and hubs), Ultegra SL-BS65 Bar end shifters 3x8, Shimano BL-400 SLR Brake levers, Mavic 117 SUP Ceramic rims, Selle Italia SLR XC saddle.

    50cm c-t seat tube, 56.5c-c top tube, 57.5 horizontal top tube. Fit anyone from 6'2" to 5'10".

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What is my XYZ worth? How much is THIS worth? Value my...

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