What is my XYZ worth? How much is THIS worth? Value my...

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  • Anyone tell me a price for these,
    Mtb wheelset in great condition -
    Suntour XC Pro hubs, Campagnolo Atek rims, Panaracer Smoke lite tyres with life left in them.

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  • .

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  • what is my commuto-x worth, its not being used and i'd rather it was


  • I'm thinking of putting my Cannondale 650c on eBay. Do people reckon it's better to split the frame and fork as they're non-matching?

  • How much did you pay for this in the end?

  • Put a £250 reserve on it at least, for the £125 you're asking on the forum I could easily have bought it and flipped it.

  • Cheers. I find BIN to be a good option, so I might put it up for £200 just to get rid

  • Need to shift this as it has been collecting dust, doesn’t fit me well and send a shame to have sitting around, can anyone give me a rough price please?
    Would be for the F+F, headset, SG super lap BB and basically brand new SG75

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  • I have a c4 stem just like this one and I'm trying to figure out a decent price, not eBay crazy... Any idea?

  • Gipiemme pista, Any ideas on value -

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  • Looks mint but looks could be deceiving, chainring looks perfect and IF taper, bolts and pedal threads are fine you're looking at £120 plus if you find the right buyer.

  • Cool thanks very much.

  • Panaracer Smoke lite: 20-25 GBP each. Wheels: 100-125 GBP.

  • Power2Max S-type on a rotor spider 3df. bbright compatible with absolute black oval rings.
    110bcd, 172.5mm crank.
    Do these sell? Not seen many on here and of so how much is a reasonable price?
    Condition is good has a new battery and I have spares to include too.

  • 3D or 3D+/3DF? Which model P2M - classic, S-Type, NeoNG or NG? 110 or 130mm BCD?

  • Thanks. Updated original post.

  • I have a 2019 arkose 8 that was used as a commuter for 6 months and is now a towel rack. Any idea on a rough price?

  • Looking at moving on my 'Dale SystemSix Team Si frame/forks , 54 with the matching stem, any thoughts?

  • I’m in a fortunate position to buy a flat but am in the unfortunate first world position of being a bit short on money to pay the fees etc. I have some stuff to cash in but am unsure of the value of this as it’s had some upgrades.

    It’s a full carbon Bianchi c2c 928, 52cm, Campagnolo shamal ultra wheelset with Continental gp force/attack tyres, Campagnolo chorus carbon cranks and levers, carbon bars, stem, seatpost etc. I’ve got all the manuals for the parts and bike, it’s in pristine condition, could almost pass as new. I barely use it as it’s too small for me really.

    Any ideas on price? Finding it a little tricky as there’s nothing to directly compare it to.

    Get in contact if you’re interested to buy, as I need to sell.

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  • Also this Rychtarski lopro, Columbus slx tubing, has a Campagnolo record headset, Cinelli stem, Profile pursuit bars wrapped in cloth tape, Syntace levers, San Marco concor supercorsa saddle, aerospoke track wheel, I think a Mavic cp 650c rim of some kind on Ultegra hub with bladed spokes, a fairly bland sturmey archer crankset. Frame is lovely and has no dents but plenty of scratches and chips. I would be up for splitting potentially.

    Any ideas on price? The frame is hella rare.

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  • Holdsworth les west model 531
    Rear wheel is pretty buckled
    What do I ask for it?!
    Any help appreciated

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  • Selling my Madone 5.9. DA 9000, including direct mount brakes, and Ultegra 6800 hubs on A319 rims. Is £1500 reasonable? Was offered £1200 but after fees I feel a little hard done by.

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What is my XYZ worth? How much is THIS worth? Value my...

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