• How much is this worth?

    Lightspeed Vortex 55cm
    10 speed Campag Record Titanium
    Eurus G3 wheels
    Frame immaculate

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  • I have this viner track frame that I bought some years ago, that has never been built up, it used to hang on the wall at z company the viner importer. Made from Deda tubing.
    A friend has expressed an interest, but what’s it worth?

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  • What's 55, CTT or CTC?

  • Which Deda tubing?

  • I have a track wheelset, oldschool Miche Primato hubs, Weinmann Carrera tubular rims, no clue about spokes but they go little thinner on the length ( sorry, I couldn't find the correct term ) and are soldered on the 2nd cross. Gommitalia Champion tubs with very little use glued to them. As I like to shredd some rubber on the asphalt, tubs are not the way to go. How much can I ask for them, first here and eventually on E Bay?

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  • What's a 2x10 Microshift Bona groupset worth? New/unused with a Barelli compact chainset, plus chain/cassette, BB, cables and Tektro brakes. Would I be miles off with c.£140?
    They're really well reviewed and seen as excellent vfm

  • Hi All,
    New and unused Cinelli Tutto steel fork.
    What's it worth?

  • How much is this wheel worth? Vittoria Rally tub on Mavic reflex rim, on DA 7600 hub. Rim has a few marks (and some glue overspill) and the hub is in nice condition.

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  • The tub is worthless, they are shite and tend to be used because people are too mean to put a proper one on. Unless you have the pair I would say about £50.

  • Thanks that’s useful

  • (Sorry posted in error)

  • Going from N=3 to N=1, help me value the two I'm saying goodbye to.

    • Cannondale Synapse 105 6 (2015) . Bought in January 2016, only been used a couple of times a year since then. Maybe done 500 miles. Will look immaculate once I give it a clean.
    • A modded 2015 Genesis Flyer(I stuck some funky handlebars on it and removed the back brake). Much more well loved than the Cannondale - used to be my daily ride for a good 2 or 3 years. Coupe of dings in the frame.

    Sorry there wasn't enough space in the hall to take a full pic of the Cannondale...

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  • I've got a track wheelset, Campag pista record hubs with omega rims. I got them quite a while ago, they had, weirdly, been converted to quick release. I re converted the rear wheel to proper track, with original Campag axle and nuts sourced from Condor and Brixton Cycles (was quite a struggle to find these bits actually). Front hub is still with a quick release.
    Rims had been used with brakes before my ownership (the rear more than front, again, weirdly), not much by me, front clamp-on was mostly for safety.
    Pictures of the bike wheels were used with attached.
    I haven't used the bike since we moved out of London and I miss it. Longer, and more importantly (very) hilly commute, doesn't make it too practical... I don't want to ruin the wheelset and my knees (not getting younger) on a harsh commute...
    So I'm thinking of selling the wheelset to finance a bombproof one (thinking veloso hub conversation with bolted sprocket).
    How much can I hope to sell that wheelset for?
    [Edit] spokes are tied and soldiered

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  • surly straggler 56cm frame - what's it worth?

    now fitted with brand new (uncut) XT brakes F&R

    condition is excellent, has been collecting dust due to an injury hence my sporadic price checks on lfgss...

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  • 450 Frame and forks
    150 brakes
    250 for the groups at with wheels
    100 for seatpost, saddle, stem and bars

  • Excuse the poor picture, any ideas what this old scott mtb would be worth?

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  • How much is my Bontrager Racelite worth?? And where’s the best place to sell such a thing?

    I've got a beautiful 1994 (I think) Bontrager Racelite that I am considering selling. It's a great bike, and deserves to be ridden. I would rather sell it as a complete bike (see below), but have no real idea about how to price it, or whether to get it powder coated before I do. I had put it up on another forum in the UK but didn't get much interest. What would your advice be on price and the best place to advertise?

    Size Large (19"), racing green (original paintjob), with original decals. Some chips as shown in the pics, but I reckoned whoever bought it might like to choose a colour rather than me getting it powder coated myself. Frame is beautifully made in Santa Cruz, and includes the two-piece seat tube that identifies it as a pre-95 frame, as well as the machined head tube that identifies it as a Racelite. I think! There seem to be so many variations on this frame that I'm all ears if I've got any of that wrong... Frame number is 1183.

    Frame includes original anti-chainsuck plate. Dropouts are original and in good nick (see pictures). Two of the four bottle cage bosses need retapping. I've tried to show the frame in detail in the photos so please check these for condition. Whilst there are paint chips, and a small amount of surface rust where the paint has been chipped in places,. there are no dents.

    I bought this whilst working as a cycle mechanic, from another mechanic, who bought it new from Keith Bontrager directly, and I've ridden it very little since I bought it about 15 years ago.

    SID fork probably needs a service but is working fine. Decals need replacing.

    Comes with black Chris King aheadset in great condition.

    I've built it up with a full XT M750 groupset. Wheels are XT on Mavic X222.

    Finishing kit includes a Kore seatpost, WTB saddle, Bontrager stem, Shimano SPDs etc.

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  • How much is this worth?

    Genesis Volare with Phil Collins Decals
    Wald Basket
    Thomson seatpost/stem
    Hope Headset
    Avid Shorty Ultimate brakes
    Dura Ace 9000 chainset (wolftooth 1x ring and rear mech)
    Fabric saddle
    Chris king hubs laced to H+Son TB14
    Compass Bon Jon pass tyres

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  • more if you split it
    £100-150 frame
    £200+ for wheels
    £100 for crankset maybe
    £50+++ for the brakes

    But you'd never get 400 for the whole bike

  • Could be keen, how much you looking for?

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