What is my XYZ worth? How much is THIS worth? Value my...

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  • It appears to be in excellent condition, presuming it comes with chainset, bars and stem I would cheerfully offer £300 to £350.

  • Thank you for the reply and a sane amount. The seller wants considerably more than that and your figure is going to go a long way in keeping me on this side of rationality. Cheers.

  • I think £350 would be a bargain. Assuming they're track cranks - look vgc, they're prob worth £200 on their own.

    Of course some sellers are optimistic with their pricing, but....


    I'd say £500 might be fair all in..

    Stunning frame.

  • I sincerely appreciate the further insight, Meds. Your figure is just about where I was at as an absolute final offer, so the input feels like a nice validation. I have opened a dialog with the seller.

    [csb]I am well and truly biting my knuckles on this one... I have begun rationalizing with thoughts such as: 'Well, it is local, so it is perfectly reasonable for me to tack on the additional £X I would have paid if this was being shipped from X.'

    ...and I had always thought my first substantial vintage track bike acquisition would be thoroughly Japanese in origin. American and Campy had never entered my mind. Although this thing has thrown me for quite a loop with that color and condition. [/csb]

    Thanks again for the help.

  • The question is what do you want this bike for? The eBay example is for rich collectors only (as is £200 for a Record track chainset), if you MUST have a mint machine to hang on a wall fair enough! If you want to actually ride it and collect scratches to the frame and heel rub to the cranks £500 buys a lot of old bike. Saying that, I wouldn't disagree with £500 as a final offer, my suggestion was a starting punt. I am personally guilty of chucking about £800 at rebuilding a 36 year old (very rare) Gios I have had from new. Yep, I ride it on sunny days and fuck the scratches!

  • Ideally, I'd acquire the frame, go through all of the niftiness and fun that goes along with collecting parts to properly build it up and then ride it... Hard. I would be tender, a lot more tender than I am with my Steamroller, say, but it would be a thoroughly ridden bicycle. (Between the treatment of my Bridgestone and B0N0R's treatment of his Bridgestone, I'd be somewhere in the middle.) Those lugs, though...

    All that being typed, I amount to little more than a killjoy, because it turns out that I have wasted all of your time: The seller and I went through the fit and it became obvious that the frame is too big for me when money is on the table.

  • thinking about selling/trading this here for a geared bike, preferably alfine, disc brake, flatbar type commuter. got all the usual high end parts on. its a titanium track bike, got one small dent on top tube but all sound. how much could i looking at?

  • I've very reluctantly decided it might be time to sell my Olmo, as I'm a bit skint and have far too many bikes. What do we think it's worth?

    The frame is not SL, but Aelle. Despite that there's a decent smattering of chrome and panto on the fork crown and lugs. There's some superficial pitting on the DT and other wear as seen in the photo.

    Nuovo Record mechs, calipers and chainset.
    Not in photo, but will be with a relatively pristine Regina Oro 13-18 block.
    Simplex retrofriction shifters.
    Levers are less flashy Modolo Corsa with original hoods, albeit probably on the way out.
    Ofmega (not Campy) headset.
    Fluted seatpost is not Record - probably Suntour or similar.
    3t bars and stem
    Yellow Rolls saddle, which I believe are rarer, but has rip / wear as seen in photo. NDS intact.
    Wheels are Record to Mavic Open 4 CD. Rims have seen a bit of wear but still serviceable.

    Everything is mechanically in good order (cables might need replacing but ho-hum). Downsides are pretty much just on the cosmetic side.

    Edit: period Mavic pedals and Christophe clips would be re-united with the bike, not the blasphemous SPDs on there currently (!)

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  • Edge 800, head unit, USB cable, 2 protective covers, may have an out front mount lying around. No idea what to ask for as it’s an older unit.

  • What is a forum-friendly price for a rim-brake Shimano 105 5800 groupset with about ten thousand miles on it?

    No crashes, shifters work perfectly & the rear derailleur, cassette & chain only have about a thousand miles on them. Chainrings/crankset are really the only properly worn bits.

    £160 sound reasonable?

  • What would be a good price for this cannondale killer '94 v900 frameset, as pictured (coda front cantis are included but not pictured)?

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  • One sold recently for around £300.

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  • Thanks, hadn't seen that one. Will probably make an ad here first to see if anybody's interested..

  • Sell me the coda cantis please? 😂

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What is my XYZ worth? How much is THIS worth? Value my...

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