Mobile Phone Photographic Competition 2010-2011

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  • Poor and proud mate. Long live the proletariat!

  • Ashe, couldn't hotlink, so here's the link.

    It the theme of kitchen cycles

  • Soooooooo, what you're really trying to say is that I am you, and you are me? Super. ;)

  • Nokia 5800, cropped.

  • The shabby_tastic piece of shit mattress that some lazy arse, bed wetting tramp, left in our/my communal lift. Next time your outside my gay_rage smoking your crack pipe why not have a shit.

    OOOhh. you already did.

    iphone/ camera+ cropped

  • iphone, hipstathingie

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  • Didn't think about bike related so following the Herd here's my Pic for this Months Comp taken on a Blackbery Curve.

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    • IMG00095-20101123-2304.jpg
  • I'm voting for Murtle. Anything with Samuel L.Jackson must win. Oh hang on.....I'm not a judge.
    Me forgets.

  • Congratulations to stupidpony for winning the November section of the competition. Well done to the runners-up.

    See post #2 for winning images and all listed results.

  • The December category is WEATHER, starts on December 1st.

    C'mon, this should be spectacular! Rain, wind, snow, ice are all outside your front door,
    so try to win with something a bit special! Good luck everybody.

  • Slight adjustment to the brightness & contrast but otherwise untouched. Taken with a Sony Ericsson W810i a couple of years ago out of my bedroom window.

    You can't see the full extent but it was near torrential rain.

  • A foggy morning at Wellington College, Berkshire. HTC Desire, cropped, levels adjusted.

  • Ready Brek Man - Desire

  • cool

  • hehe, that is great

  • Peak District, Sunday afternoon from iphone

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  • **I've never won anything!
    This means so much to me.
    I love you all...

    thanks// xx**

  • Balham /HTC Magic / Retro Camera

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    • shot_1291250540501.jpg
  • Iphone 3GS/ Shake it app

  • taken on motorola LV6
    cropped square and contrast slightly adjusted using picnik

  • Me and some mates hiking up above Leeds/Bradford to ride some powder.

    Good times.

    Won't let me upload bigger file, so this is copied from a mobile upload to facebook.

    HTC desire - standard camera

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    • bradfrd.jpg
  • Wild camping last night in the peaks. IPhone 4, touch of sharpness and a little levels.

    link to full size:Ā­=1556&pictureid=9520

  • Nakia 5800, cropped.

  • iPhone 4, probably HDR setting, because I always forget to turn it off.
    otherwise, just as is from phone.

    Edit: This is where I sheltered to get some snow out of my cleats. Its snowing hard in the background- does it count?

  • Sony W995. Exposure played with and cropped.

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Mobile Phone Photographic Competition 2010-2011

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