Mushroom foraging

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  • Risottos, stroganoffs, panfried with garlic, cream based sauce. Mushrooms really soak up fat, so flavour the oil first, then put mushrooms in.

  • Shallots, Sherry, cream, thyme.

  • Found a field of parasols.

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  • Are these the trippy ones?

    Basically nipples are good?

  • Found these at the end of the garden around an old tree stump.

    No idea if edible or not

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  • Looks like large/overgrown honey fungus.

  • Our front lawn has suddenly sprouted dozens of something fungal

    We’ve been here 25 years and never had anything like this before.

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  • Ooops.

  • I'd say that looks like Honey Fungus as well :)

  • Honey fungus appears to be a fairly broad category. Are these likely to be edible or magical?

  • @pqr and @cliveo be careful, honey fungus can wreck your garden!­lth/disease/honey-fungus

  • Oh FFS , that explains a few of the trees and shrubs not doing too well. Control issues seem a bit extreme!

  • 'excavate and destroy'

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  • A few from last weekend's ride (and my guess at a couple of IDs):

    Trooping Funnel

    Some kind of Earthstar

    An amusingly shaped mushroom

  • Err.. I have never found libs but yeah, nips is one of the ID points and bendy stipes.

  • Loads of field blewitts and oysters on Hackney Marshes this Sunday

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  • Also, this is growing out of a friends ceiling!

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  • Noticed this on my way into work this

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  • Snowy/ivory wax caps from the small holding - tasty on toast

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  • Yup. Our gardener came yesterday and carefully removed it but warned that it could kill everything around it. Luckily it is just in our front garden. The only thing at risk is an ornamental cherry tree.

    [now concerned that the reference to the gardener might end up in the golf club]

  • I assume the mycelium could spread quite far underground so probably worth keeping an eye out but at least you (or your gardener 😝) took action pretty quickly!

  • Did they have to take a large amount of soil away..we've got someone coming to remove some stuff and re do part of the garden in Feb. Not sure how.quick it spreads or grows

  • The jury’s out on possessives (our), and you did use the royal we (our), but you said gardener and not groundsman so you’ll probably be all right.

  • Any mushroom species that are particularly easy to identify in woodland at this time of year? Nice woods near my dads where I walk his dogs from time to time, so on the look out for something tasty. Saw what I’m pretty sure is cauliflower fungus last time out.

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  • That's definitely a cauliflower fungus I'd say! That's one of the easiest to identify.

    In terms of edibles there's jelly ears which grow on elder which don't have any nasty look alikes really.

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Mushroom foraging

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