You can get busted in Midtown

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  • This reminds me of an encounter with "security"

    When there's a fresher's fayre at University they get a load of bouncers and rope to enforce a route which is absurd at any time when less than 150% people capacity.So I walk through the Quad when they happens to be a Fresher's Fayre (I wasn't a Fresher), only no-one is there as it's early evening, to be confronted by a ginger bouncer, who wouldn't let me walk to the end of the quad.

    So after a lot of "you have to follow the route" and "But no-one's here" I said to him "I'm just gonna walk over there, no-one's here, so it needn't be a problem", and as I bent over to go under the rope he blocked my path physically, only for me to notice he was aroused. He was in pole position, so to speak.

    I've never told this to anyone.

    quoted incase you change your mind.

  • were they wearing cheap jeans? Uniqlo death squad if they were.

    It might have been the M&S PowerTroopers™ as they smelt of prawn cocktail crisps.

  • I fucking love prawn cocktail crisps.

  • Prawn cocktail.. English freaks. Just speak forrun at them like "just tryun' to git a to a fuckin' Fosters mate.. what the fark?" and they will be stunned enough to let you pass and fuck their daughters.

  • 'Everything is OK' . . . toweringly arrogant arse biscuit.

    It seems Charlie (from the 'Love Police') has been at the quantum crystals again. He makes some dire predictions, well when I say 'predictions' I mean 'made up' spiritual-ish esoteric science-y sounding ruminations hewn from the surface of his moon.

    It's worth pointing out that he is entirely serious, really, I wish it were parody and at points it's hard to tell, but believe me he is serious. I especially like the hands clasped and head bowed in profound thought at the start, kind of like he is about the shatter the word with the enormous gravity of his insights.

    : )

    YouTube- Art Imitates Life Imitating Art Imitating Life.

    And check out this disrespectful mockery.

    YouTube- Cveitch A NWO Prophet Speaks . . . . .

  • And check out this disrespectful mockery.

    much better
    As Keanu once said: 'This struck a much deeper chord. I don't have the ability yet to speak about it in an objective.'

  • It's not just 'inmidtown' where this is a problem; private-public space across London is decidedly unfriendly towards cyclists and full of poorly dressed security guards. However, it is not just the security staff who pose a problem; their branding of cyclists as a nuisance (despite any statistical evidence to this end) is hardly helpful, and neither is their control of the street scape when it comes to implementing cyclist's facilities such as bike parking or cycle lanes. I tried to summarise it all on my blog with an article today here:­are-bids-bad-for-bicycles.html

  • I saw a couple of midtown power ranger talking to a sunglasses seller outside her shop, something to do with illegal tinting perhaps.

  • It happens Ed, it's happened to me.

    Also when I've been to dmczone's office to pick stuff up the security guard there enforces not cycling on the square outside. I've never tried cycling over it, because it's pedestrianised, but he came over once to tell me I wasn't allowed to cycle over it, when I'd pushed my bike to the middle of the square and lent it up on a bench!

    I like to imaging the irony of a courier hopping onto the pavement to head toward the corporation building in order to deliver a package, and a rent-a-cop funded by that particular company stopped him.

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You can get busted in Midtown

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