I am having rice tonight

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  • Rice:

  • I am having pasta tonight.


  • Risotto? I'm having Risotto.

  • I like pasta too, I might throw the rice down the fucking toilet and get pasta.

    Yes, I am going to get pasta.


  • I am having a Topic for pudding.

  • I feel like chicken tonight

  • chicken tonight

  • I've had pasta already.

    I had it last night too.

    But I was pissed last night.

    Pasta, like this:

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  • Chicken tonight!

  • Bah, too slow. On topic, I just ate two pizzas.

  • I am having rice tonight.


  • egg:

  • I had veggie spaghetti bolognese, and the chocolate banana muffins will be out of the oven in 20 mins.


  • I'm glad we're getting some details.


  • Freekeh:

    it had chipeas.


  • pie and greens.

    none of your euro muck.

  • I had chips and pork

    Chips and Pork:

  • I don't have any wine.


  • i have a triathlon tomorrow, maybe.


  • i had McD's at about 3ish.
    Tonight i have had 3 pints of cider, a tube of pringles, a bit of chocolate and i might havce some toast in a bit

  • potato for me

  • chicken tikka cathi kebab


  • I'm having an argument with the missus tonight.

    Argument with the missus:

  • @.A.sound spicy. I can't handle spicy. potato is good enough for me. I might add some salt but I doubt it.

  • Go for it, live a little, salt your potato.


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I am having rice tonight

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