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  • No.

    I assume the spammers email is unmonitored, not sure what the point of telling them would be... wouldn't it be an invite to spam us again?

  • I've confused nuking spammers and swinging the ban hammer.

    Ignore me (probably sound advice generally)


    This has really pissed me off this morning and isn't "humour". I'd like to see it nuked rather than me sticking on ignore please?

  • Genuine question - I don't get what is quite so aggravating here? Is it the stereotyped gender responses? Or the assumption that men are more likely to be music producers? It reads to me like a bit of a 'facebook mum' meme but largely harmless.

  • It's lazy casual sexism that we we're better than.

  • Yeah, some men can deal with their feelings in a healthy way like women.

  • I've looked, I find it hard to justify why this should be deleted. It's not lol funny by any measure, but it's not offensive either. The standard for nuking things is fairly high, and this would fall under it.

  • Could someone actually explain it for me?

  • Y'all had me at "lazy casual sex"

  • I don't get whatever seems to be so aggravating to people. It just seems to be a slightly lame joke that whilst women might emotionally process a break-up men would progress their music production? Sure, women being more emotionally attuned then men is a stereotype, but I don't feel particularly attacked by the joke or bothered by it. I may well be missing a level of total unacceptableness, but that's why I asked earlier...

  • The problem would lie in that it seems to determine the behaviour of a entire sex as monolithic and predictable. This is irritating because it's obviously untrue but more than that, this then determines incorrect assumptions about men and women because they're men and women. Dealing with incorrect assumptions about yourself is a pain, of varying seriousness.

  • Same here tbh.

  • And then one of the biggest selling music artists is a woman who writes break up albums... Adele.

    But we're getting to a level of overthink that I'm not sure this is relevant.

    • work/hobbies are more productive without a female partner?

    • men deal with breakups by being productive?

    • male music producers are devoid of emotions?

  • Women deal with breakups by eating cake?

  • Thanks, i didn't actually understand what the left images represented. probably be at home here­ep/

  • Y'all had me at "lazy casual sex"

    I have a lazy casual ex.

  • My moobs are really just "lazy casual pecs"

  • I kind of almost admire the getting round the rules by adding 'not' to the title but still...­76/#comment16262892­

  • Can’t you read NOT for sell…

    lmao ok thread can be shut then

  • Looks like popcorn if allowed to run, but I guess it won't be, as it's apparently also on eBay, and I don't mean the popcorn.

  • Deal Lords

    I do wonder if Classifieds would be better with miscellaneous as a separate section to components. Might make it work better.

    Peasant user

  • Probably.

    I still want every thread prefixed so I know it's a Sale: or Wanted: thread as opposed to a Current Project or something.

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Moderators (requests and notices)

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