Functional bikes. Not Porn not Anti

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  • 720 and 520 is in website with chart.

  • He means 920 foo'

  • @M_V, @apollo, @doppelkorn @Irishane, thanks for the replies. Why is the headtube mounted one so awful/great?

  • didn't like the way it affected the handling (lots of weight on front end, yet light steering)

  • Yeah @golgol, she's getting a fair but of use. Planning a 90 mile round trip the Glenshee ski centre in February once the days are a bit longer.

    The flash really brought up the bar tape.

  • No need for a front rack when you could hang your tesco bags over these functional bars.

  • That's stressful just to look at. FFS!!! #ocd

    [ I've actually ridden with these and I really liked them ]

  • I considered the jones bars but the loop part seemed superfluous.

    Ended up getting these, which are great for using a twist shifter and also have a nice bend to place your hands, compared to a flat bar with bar ends.

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  • Functional bike fans, give me some ideas.

    I currently commute on an old Holdsworth 27" to 700c singlespeed conversion (+guards and rear rack), but it's never fitted me properly so I'm on the lookout for something new.

    I'd like something lighter with a bit faster handling and more like my road bike, but would like mud guard eyelets (rear rack eyelets a bonus), 700c singlespeed/fixed, two brakes, horizontal dropouts.

    What's out there? Obviously I'm keeping an eye on the classifieds but I'm not necessarily looking to buy right now. Pre-Cursa/FXE seems to be head of the pile right now, seems to be a tough ask to get everything in one package or I'm not looking hard enough.

  • Genesis Flyer.

  • I forgot to say, frame/f+f only.

    That's a tidy looking bike though, one for the list.

  • What's the clearance on the those like with guards?

  • Max 25mm, maybe 28mm can fit in front and rear.

  • Genuinely think this is a perfect all round fixed wheel bike.

  • That is pretty nice, what is it? I want to say FXE but the rack mounts are throwing me off.

  • It's a FXE. The older ones had rackmounts and steel faces on the drop outs

  • I think I'd put some mudguards on, before calling it a perfect all rounder

  • Yeah that with a set of guards and maybe a small rack would be pretty much spot on. It's primarily for commuting but also for winter riding and general abuse around town.

  • Aren't those rims limited to ~60psi?

    Also wondering if the rear wheel is mtb front hub flipped, spaced and with the cog bolted on?

  • @5awyr

    I have no idea how to search anymore but it sounds like you're looking for a similar bike to the one fox was looking for. He ended up getting a Pearson.

    The thread is called something like fixed with mudgaurd mounts and two bottle cages.

    If your budget can stretch i d definitely look at Pearson.

    Edit: google reveals all­3/

  • Is there any reason not just to get a pompino? Seems to tick most of the boxes.

  • I'd like something lighter with a bit faster handling and more like my road bike...

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Functional bikes. Not Porn not Anti

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