Functional bikes. Not Porn not Anti

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  • Was it legit part you could order, or was it just filed down brake levers?

  • I’m pretty sure they were included. Grant Petersen had slews of ideas, mostly old, some new, with some pretty wacky ones in that mix.

  • Not sure, but interesting ergonomics

  • colours on that bridgestone are offensive as fuck

  • Just put down a deposit for the new Peregrine...

    Can not wait.

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  • Love the frameset but hate the super short headtube. This Paragrine has a feedbag over it's stem but I asure your there are tons of spacers behind it.

    Just for that a no go for me.

  • Tall stack stems do a decent job at this in my opinion.

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  • I’ve actually come to really like the look of tall stems.

  • Someone pls explain logic of this VO stem. Tall stack go up, stem angle go down. What does it achieve?

  • Could mean that stem line is parallel to toptube line which is important for some. But I agree stack stems should/could be 0°

    Like this mother of stacks

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  • My main reason when I was running one was that I preferred the cleaner look over spacers plus stem. So if you have a large stack of spacers you can make it look smooth.

  • Good for you! I'm hoping that this is the bike that finally takes away all my excuses at riding drop bar bikes during winter (in Stockholm). What colour did you choose?

  • He is talking about the idea of having spacers to move position up but then having a stem pointing down.

  • I got that.
    If raising your stem is the only goal then obviously a 0° or even positive angle is much more efficient. In terms of aesthetics, that's just not for me then.
    The starting point of this was about hiding a big stack of spacers though and not necessarily getting the most upright position with the steerer you have.

    TLDR: In my opinion, a tall stack stem can look more pleasing than a stack of spacers + stem that results in the same reach and stack.

  • To be honest, I'll have a 5mm spacer and a 0deg stem. My back and neck are Slamthatstem friendly, so this should be a breeze.

    @SasenFrAsen I've gone for the midnight blue version!

  • VO stem on this one, with brake hanger and bell below it. The bars wind up just a fraction below saddle height which is fine for noodling around the neighborhood. I was going to do a normal stem with rise but this came up used for cheap and it's a good fit. My back and neck are sadly no longer slamtastic!

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  • Lol

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  • I frickin love it ... apart from the gearing, which I'd hate ...

  • This is an absolute dream.

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  • How much clearance do those pannier have off the ground?

  • Looks like between zero and none.

  • Looks like it's been taken off and placed next to the wheel?

    The pannier on the non ds seems higher, like its attached to the rack?

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Functional bikes. Not Porn not Anti

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