Functional bikes. Not Porn not Anti

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  • I’m on the fence. It’s a bit overgeared for the type of riding I realistically do on it. A smaller outer chainring would sort that, but I have the parts for an 11speed deore 1x setup with a downtube shifter. In my mind it would be simpler, but I’m not really sure that is the case.

  • My daily

    (to be fair I only had the Carradice on because I had to bring it from A to B)

  • So cool. Was it easy enough to fit the backpedal brake to that frame? Did you have to build a custom rear wheel? Always wanted a retro mtb but could never really justify it, after seeing this I'm wondering if I replace my opafiets with something like yours.

  • Thanks!

    Installing a coaster brake is pretty easy I'd say. I used a Shimano CB-E110 coaster hub, which has 110 mm spacing. You can take the hub apart pretty easily and add spacers to make it fit a frame up to 130 mm rear spacing without having to change the whole axle for a longer one (changing the whole axle is not very hard, the hard thing is finding a longer axle).

    Anyway, for this build I chose to space out the wheel symmetrically, because it seemed easier at the time. However, this causes the chainline to be pretty fucked, which is why I used alu spacers to bring in the chainring up front by 5 mm. I haven't measured but I'd say the chainline is pretty good right now. You could also space the hub in such a way that the chainline will be better, but then you'd have to dish the wheel to make up for the asymmetric spacing.

    Wheel specs: Dartmoor Shield 26" downhill rims, Shimano CB-E110 coaster hub on the rear and Shimano DH-C3000-3N-NT on the front, both laced with DT Swiss Alpine III spokes.

  • Bloody good. I might build a stationsfiets like this next year. Love the idea of a coaster brake retro MTB.

  • The way I like it. A very nice built. Well done!

  • Hey buurman, thanks!

    Is the pink MTB with rack that's parked elsewhere in the street yours?

  • Hey buur, no it isn't.
    Four bikes are stored in my house and my commuter is safely parked in the Balistalling (indoor-bikeparking). I think it is the cheapest parking or one of the cheapest in whole of Amsterdam. Only €7.50 a month.
    Btw, I should post some of my bikes here on the forum. Never done it ;-)

  • Yes! Would be nice.

  • total stunner made by our own @Hulsroy for his wife.

  • Excellent, had my builder add his own initial on top of the fork for my bike, I think it's a great extra touch.

  • Winston did that on my Varonha... he also did my birthday as the frame number : )

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  • Looks like it has quite some toe overlap or is it just the picture?

  • It has major toe overlap. But my wife hasn't got any problems with that.
    Geometry is based on a 700c track bike she used to own and loved.
    This bike is an attempt to create same feeling in a bike but with mudguards and 26" X 35c tyres.

    KJ is her maiden initials and her UK nickname.

  • Thank you buddy 😚

  • Outstanding. I'm a sucker for a segmented fork and a purple bike.

  • @spotter very late but what is this (purple pg 1011)? Looks like it could be a Clandestine? It's amazing.

  • Can someone tell me what front rack and mudguards are on this please.

  • Giles Berthoud and custom rack

  • nice read, thank you!

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Functional bikes. Not Porn not Anti

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