Functional bikes. Not Porn not Anti

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  • amazing. was wondering what the brake situation was because they look big for mini v's. but alas, I was wrong.

  • less bling more function

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  • New bike for my father:

    If anyone is interested in the backstory:­

    or more images:­

  • I figured FBPNA is the best place to ask about this: what are the normal max clearances for tyres and guards & pros/cons for various rim brake types suitable for wide tyres?

    Calipers are about 35mm; are mini-vs the same? V-brakes are about 40mm + guards, but require linear-pull levers or a travel agent; trad cantis are up to about 50mm+guards? And then centrepulls are about 42mm+guards, but require special bosses (and mostly have old-style lever cable pull?).

  • I have a pair of TRP CX 8.4 on my SSCX, it clears a 700x38c (actually measured at 37mm) with VO 45mm fenders, as I use it mostly for commute at the moment.

  • 50mn tyre and 60mm guards with full Vs. would do more

  • Ta all; am in the early days of speccing a custom frame - basically a light tourer with touring clearances for #plush and #supple big rubber (700C) - so am wondering how big to go. I guess I'm either looking at ~38mm tyres and 45mm guards, or ~40-44mm tyres and 52mm guards. Not sure I need to go wider than that, so it looks like going for canti bosses will give me lots of options.

  • This is rad - is he happy with it?

  • Depends on what you're riding. I do most of my touring on road, and my personal preference is for something under 40mm - above this and it feels sluggish when you're pushing it for days on end. Did my last tour on 35s, will probably do my next tour on the same.

    Unless you're riding a bit of dirt, there's not much need for it.

  • Yeah, I'm still a bit torn about this - current bike has 35mm hyper voyager tyres, which are great, but are on the edge clearance-wise for my current frame (esp. as they come up slightly large on my current rims). But as a big lad I wonder if slightly bigger would be even better for day rides and bridleway-bashing.

  • Most modern centre pull calipers don't require special bosses, they come in direct mount (special bosses), allen key (like most other calipers) or nut n bolt (like calipers from when I were a lad).

  • Yeah, but AIUI you get much less flex if direct-mounted? I could possibly be tempted by something like the Compass centrepulls, but at £200 per brake my rational brain tells me they'd have to be significantly better than cantis.

  • Frank lamp-guard

  • True, but if you're having a custom frame then the mounts could be added from the off, Dia Compe do a nice one, for less then Compass/Rene Herse, and the Paul ones are reportedly quite stiff/beefy, but quite spendy.

  • Nice. Always wanted to try the SRAM-to-Rohloff shift setup.

  • Seems to be, not a man of big emotions but gave me a hug and said thanks.

  • i'm kinda sick of tinkering with bikes......again......might get back to riding. this is for a friend.

    this one is special because my name is on it LOOOO L :D

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  • My friend lost out on that, was an excellent value at under £800 I believe.

  • Not superfunctional as this thing doesn't clear fenders unless I size down the rubber to 28mm but as this is one of my fav threads on the forum and I made a rack for it and it hasn't rained for a month so I don't even need any fenders I think I'll get away with it.

  • Beautiful either way

  • Nice job, is the rack for a bar bag support, or ?

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Functional bikes. Not Porn not Anti

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