Functional bikes. Not Porn not Anti

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  • I like the look of this....
    Airline staff will probably puncture it though.

  • Wonderful Lessmann, Can you imagine into the wind or uphill. Honary member status!

  • that's where this would come in handy
    YouTube- The Copenhagen Wheel - Teaser

    I wonder how effective it is?

  • that's where this would come in handy
    YouTube- The Copenhagen Wheel - Teaser

    I wonder how effective it is?

    this would come in handy, not the former.

  • A beer fiets from Holland I bet. I followed one of them recently just outside Rotterdam...

    imagine the Health and Safety outcry here !!!

    would be fucking awsum for a night out.

    saw smiler in Berlin at the Brandenburg gate, it was fucking fast for its size,

  • Had a go one one of those pedicars, found it a bit exhausting and slow.

    Was on an uneven grass field, and felt the others werent really pedalling properly though.

  • With seven Mark Cavendish on board, it should be a lots of fun.

  • Along the lawmower line:

  • there's a few about

  • [QUOTE=soperRiva]no grass catching attachment thingy.
    poor design.
    Don't forget skinny tyres that doesn't help with grip.[/quote]
    Don't forget that turning the bars to go left will lean the bike to the right.

  • Bakery porteur bike;

  • Fucking awesome;

  • Can we send this thread to Royal Mail in lewe of the whole "You can't carry much weight on bikes so we'd rather use vans" shitstorm?

  • ah good, finally a tread where mature (old) guys can throw all boring town bikes with racks and mudguards.

  • This is absolutely amazing

  • If you prefer them made of wood with chunky tires

  • Fuck knows???

  • Fucking awesome;

    Thats proper porn worthy!

  • It is isn't it? love to have a go on that, how awesome would it be to sit on front of that bike?

  • I'd love to just thrash it and see what happened...

  • For the size/length of bike. It looks like they havent maximised the payload potential.

    They shouldve found a way to have the platform lower down and perhaps directly under the handlebar.

  • the other worry is simply being topside heavy, but the owner said it's fine to ride.

    riding a bakfiet on the other hand is awesome, flex like a bastard but surprisingly easy to get along with, the only thing you need to get used to is the steering and that it.

  • This looks brilliant!

    not sure how it works though...

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Functional bikes. Not Porn not Anti

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