Functional bikes. Not Porn not Anti

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  • I'd argue those tyres were never originally intended to be retailed wholesale. I'm guessing they were low margin for dealers to begin with, let alone once you overlay the current global supply issues and skyrocketing shipping costs.

    They pretty heavily recruited dealers and pushed for large orders a year ago. Their tyres were pretty close to keystone for pricing.

    If it's only a 'suggested' retail price then what's stopping you from passing on the increase?

    If you sell above MSRP it’s pretty noticeable to the customers. Looking up products and reviews is almost de rigueur in 2021.

    At the end of the day they either make commercial sense for dealers or they don't. Sounds like they don't.

    True. bike shops are suffering, and closing right now, not due to lack of sales but due to lack of available product. If they had been honest with shipping times and not tying up bike shops money for weeks at a time I’d probably be less pissed.

  • Maybe not domestically, almost certainly in regards from getting them from Japan to the US.

    The other company that we deal with fairly regularly is Simworks who is much smaller and is also shipping tyres from Japan. Prices have increased with them, but not as much as Rene Herse. Also with Rene Herse these price increases only are for tyres and not for anything else they sell.

  • Does Panaracer make both of those companies’ tires?

  • Does Panaracer make both of those companies’ tires?

    Yup. There are surprisingly few tyre manufacturers around:
    Cheng Feng & Kendra makes tyres numerous companies.
    Vitoria owns Lion Tires who manufacture for both Specialized and Trek.

  • He used to talk about other manufacturers products and such in his blog, now it’s just about his products. Perhaps schilling isn’t the right term. The blog just went from being educational to being an ad for his products.

    Yeah, fair point; I suppose this is a consequence of Compass/Rene Herse producing ever more kinds of components in pursuit of his platonic ideal all-road bike.

  • I just really love the rim braked space horse!

  • i think the truth is that people are just off-put by his cringey enthusiasm and weird demeanor/voice. i've met am and it was the same in person. glad he does what he does though: i think it has changed things for the better even if his vibe is a bit weird.

  • Marathon Supreme came before Jan Heine so in a way he has contributed nothing to the scene

    Or the 26" Kojak

  • Shmick build but the anatomic bars stick out like a broken thumb

  • I think the bars look fine and it's the stem that's making it all look odd up front.

  • now he's changed the grips

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  • Didn't get enough love in the minivelo thread so posting here.

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  • Very lovable indeed!

  • Made a new fork for the 'Dale more in line with the original one. Longer a-c and higher rake is definitely noticeable and feels much more stable. Also made a new rack to boot.

    Snagged a French mystery cx frame off eBay in December and painted it. Weird trackish geo but feels fast!

    Couldn't forget about my gf so built up a new winter commuter for her. Quite the tank but a good steady ride.

    Plenty more pics on Flickr

  • French mystery cx frame off eBay in December and painted it

    I like that

  • Very nice all three. But the French one is fire

  • I have a hunch you'd like these snakeseatstays Mads!

    Also had to make cable stop from an old spoke and a salvaged cable stop hacksawed off some frame a la Brian Chapman.

  • Very nice.
    I love Chapman and his videos.. great inspiration to me

  • Quite the tank but a good steady ride.

    Seems a bit harsh on your girlfriend but lovely bikes

  • Yeah the cross bike is ace!

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Functional bikes. Not Porn not Anti

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