Functional bikes. Not Porn not Anti

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  • All good points - thanks for the feedback! I've never liked riding front heavy but try to balance loads about 3/4 on back and 1/4 on front. This alleviates issues whilst climbing and I feel keeps handling as nimble as possible.

    Ortlieb rollbacks don't look as cool though - I feel that. Maybe I'll try shifting the weight around a bit and see if I change my mind

  • Look at these hipsters in Portland, fresh off a shoot with John Prolly.

  • I've never liked riding front heavy...

    Some bike were designed for a front load, without the load it’s twitchy almost like a Brompton, with a load it feel “normal” and easy to steer.

  • Not sure it really fits here having no mudguards and all but ¯_(ツ)_/¯

    It’s very cool

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  • Just whip skids on the back, no rack mounts.

  • It’s a bit like braking with front or back brake. When cornering at speed, with weight on the back the bike wants to go straight on out of the corner, with weight on the front bike sits into corners better. Really a massive difference and the most important one IMO (aside from the Instagram points)

  • did the last 10 years not happen to you or something?

  • It has a Clydesdale(?) rack, and a frame pump, very now. Everyone knows fixies are the new emtbs.

  • Also don’t you have a CX bike?

  • It’s very cool

    It's bringing back the fun in "functional" 🙂

  • It’s a pretty neat render.

  • Ha, of course it’s a render. my tired eyes have failed me.

  • And the last hashtag on the IG post is #3drender

  • I don’t read I just look at the pictures.

  • one day I will stop being lazy, I will take my ugly pomp apart and have it repainted
    maybe next lockdown...

  • Thanks for the repost. To add to the discussion on front v back-loaded luggage with some more anecdotal evidence: I used a tubus tara and ortlieb sport rollers on a 1inch threaded fork on a tour a while ago. The fork angle was rather steep with little rake and I used drop bars. The whole set-up felt wrong: it was flexy at low speeds, wobbly at anything above 20km/h and the handling felt sluggish. The bike felt great with rear panniers though. After that experience, I had the tubus tara sitting in my parts bin waiting for a more suitable build. I recently put it on the giant with a 1 1/8 ahead fork with big fork blades and mid-blade mounts and with sweeped riser bars. In this set-up, the front loading feels great. Very stable and with a lot of grip on the front which makes climbing, descending and riding out of the saddle a lot more enjoyable. I was touring with a friend who rode a similar 26er with a rear load and it was interesting to see and feel the difference on otherwise similar bikes. On the road it doesn‘t make much of a difference but on twisty paths the front load inspires a lot more confidence. I’m happy with having a rear loaded 28 inch road-type touring bike and a front loaded 26er. At the end of the day the more suitable option depends on the frame and the type of riding intended.

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  • Not quite sure how effective that support is though

  • gorgeous thing!
    I'd probably move the support to the backside of the bag instead, which would also shorten and stiffen the stays.

  • @cake 's Kona looking so hot right now

  • It does! Particularly nice to see a bike that gets some use in contrast to all the shiny bikes posted. I’ve yet to understand the advantages of a roll top frame bag though. Please enlighten me.

  • Looks sweet! I think it's so you can cram everything in and not worry about busting the zip. I wonder if they are more waterproof too, as I feel a lot of water gets in along the top seems if they have a zip. Roll top won't have any seems along the top.

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Functional bikes. Not Porn not Anti

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