Functional bikes. Not Porn not Anti

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  • dig on craiglist, Frances Cycles mixtehaul cargo

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  • Cross post from the tandem thread, what 26x2 tyre would people recommend to fit under GB 26x60 mudguards.

    Ideally something light that can handle light duty off road riding. Might even do a ghetto tubeless setup on the tandem too.

  • Schwalbe marathon Almotion?
    Comes in 2.15 - tubeless compatible and @cyclingabout on instagram rides some pretty serious off road stuff on his.

  • Think that would bit under a 26x60 guard??

    Also what about the 26" DTH..... they're 2.15 and they fit under my 26x60 GB guards on the rockhopper.

    Might have answered my own question!

  • I guess it depends whether the 60 mm is an internal or external measurement.
    Or just get sks bluemels in 65 mm width.
    I rode that with 2.15” big apples for a wet gravel race on Saturday - and I didn’t die.

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  • Bluemels are also only 24quid at SPA Cycles..... that's functional.

  • The answer is indeed 2.15" Big Apples, here with 26" 60mm GB guards:

  • Ace, thanks chaps.

  • 2" Kojacs. Surely light, maybe too light for your needs, but I've never had any problems with them.

  • Great photo, great bike

  • I've had good success with 2" kojaks and compass rat trap pass (54mm?) under 60 mm GBs.
    I've had a few punctures with both from metal shards, but that was all in town. On gravel they have been great.

  • Any pointers on that saddlebag/seatpack?

    Afraid not. Will let you know if I find out, seemed like a cool guy.

    @si_mon628, thanks!

  • Paging @edscoble
    I'm interseted in this:

    In what ways is it better than carradice? I'm in the market for something similar.

  • In what ways is it better than carradice?

    Its not, ed likes to drink the kool aid, get a nelson long flap

    I mean if an artisanal bagmaker has 0% finance as a way to pay for the bags, its a warning sign

    Support the ladies in Lancashire

  • In what ways is it better than carradice? I'm in the market for something similar.

    The fitting, there's a lots of molle webbing which mean I am not restricted to the two holes and wooden pole that Carradice use, it allow a greater degree of flexibility especially those without a Brooks saddle, and I can strap it in specific area with the Bagman rack.

    The design, it's between the traditional Carradice saddle bag and the bikepacking kind, instead of it being wide, this one is much deeper, and can be extended much like a bikepacking saddlebag with a roll top design and the flap extended if needed.

    The weight, it's much lighter than the heavier duty Carradice, which going to be a big advantage in touring, even with the hardshell to keep it's shape.

    The sizes is closer to the Camper Longflap than the Nelson Longflap due to the extended roll top.

    Basically, I like it because it has the extra that I can't get from a Carradice, the biggest disadvantage is the cost.

  • Nice and simple.

  • Nice and simple.

    But also ... not

  • You'll get there.

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  • Thanks ed. it certainly is a nice looking bag.
    If it fits your specific needs then the extra money is worth it.

  • The weight, it's much lighter than the heavier duty Carradice

    Fair enough if it works for you but the weights in the respective websites suggest there's about 100g on it.

    I do like the look of the bag though. It's a shame carradice don't have some kind of custom skunkworks division where they could experiment with things like this more readily.

  • Looks a lot like the Carradry bag, but lighter

  • and a little less ugly

  • only a little

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Functional bikes. Not Porn not Anti

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