Functional bikes. Not Porn not Anti

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  • That stem looks edemic.

  • So it turns out the rear axle is snapped and looks more out of true than I expected. Obvs only a fiver for an axle but by the time I’ve sorted that out plus paying for trueing should I just find a better set of wheels? They’re no-name rims and old formula hubs so nothing special
    Do wide-ish rim brake 700c wheelsets in 10sp crop up often?

  • Loads on eBay, mtb is the same for 8/9/10/11 speed. I would look for some deore/LX/XT hubs, just watch out for worn out rims.

  • I have some Mavic Open Pro UST on XT hubs for sale, 19mm internal, wide enough?

  • @jontea you got pm

  • Any fashionable functional fuckers got some mini-motos for sale? @amey?

  • Reckon they’ll be too posh

  • Correct, a bit over budget for this build.
    Will keep an eye out and keep reminding myself this has to be a budget build unless I sell a kidney.

  • i sold my last pair few months ago

  • Drop bars are dead!

  • Aw yeah, that looks great. Drastically different position though, how are you finding it?

  • Thanks! Yeah, the position couldn't be more different. The most upright I've ever been. It's definitively comfortable! Especially with the ergo grips. First proper ride will be an 80k gravel event next weekend, so will report back.

    But the main reason for this change was that I wanted to get rid of my horrible cantilever brakes. These v-brakes are such a drastic improvement, that the change from drops is worth any (possible) downsides. Am also really curious how I will find them for touring. I reckon it must be pretty great.

  • Do wide-ish rim brake 700c wheelsets in 10sp crop up often?

    Yup, like the Raleigh wheelset which is very good for the money.­Rear-Wheel-Mach1-240-Rim-8-9Speed-Casset­te-Hub-QR_27735.htm

    This is the rims;

  • Edit: didn’t see the tredz link, probably cheaper than trade.

  • I have fitted them on countless customer's bicycle, and TBH they work perfectly well, just ride them, wear them out and throw them away.

    Make sure you adjust the cup and cones a bit as they're a little tight brand new.

  • Will they accept a 10sp cassette or just 9? Not fussed either way but worth knowing. Or does NW chainrings work with 9sp anyway?

    Look great value, think I’ll go for them.

  • mtb is the same for 8/9/10/11 speed.

  • Ha, oh yeah I did already see that. My bad :/

  • Grocery getter, now with dynamo goodness. Still need to throw on a rear dyno light though.

  • Got the wheels recommended by @TM and @edscoble, will stop filling this thread up with daft questions now and move over to cp...

  • Why don't you get an old path racer frame? Will have mudguard eyes and if you want mega clearance get one built for 27inch wheels and put 700s in with Tektro long drops or whatever. Horizontal dropouts too. And it will look vintage, because it is.

  • Pic doesn't show for me.

  • I had the same requirements and bought an early 60s British bike (Soens) . It is designed for 27" wheels with mudguards, so with 700c the clearance should be good for a 32mm tyre. It has horizontal dropouts for chain tension, and no unsightly hanger either. It was also really cheap on eBay, you just need the time to find one.

  • @psee is looking for 35+ fenders; even with conversion from 630 it could be very tight with those requirements, unfortunately usually requires fitting to be sure.

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Functional bikes. Not Porn not Anti

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