Raleigh bike? but which model?

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  • http://belfast.gumtree.com/belfast/23/62­536223.html

    can anyone tell me what model this is?

    rough idea of tubing etc? I thought most of the raleigh bikes used 501?

  • I can't be certain, but it looks a lot like an old 1983 Raleigh Road Ace I used to own. The lugs, pump holder, cable guides, front sprocket and pedals look very similar:

  • got this from the seller, seems a nice guy actually.

    *"the frame dates to late sixties, early seventies. It's a bog standard steel frame, (probably equivalent to 501). Top Tube from the centre of the steering tube to the centre of the seat tube is 22" (56cm), seat tube from the centre of the bottom bracket to the top of the seat tube is 21 1/2" (55cm). The crank length is 165mm and the rear wheel spacing is 120mm. The chainline is approximately 43mm. *

    For conversion tips see: http://www.sheldonbrown.com/deakins/how-­to-fixed-conversion.html

    *This frame has nice long horizontal drop-outs and a nice, usable single ring cottered crank. I have a saddle for it, basic but usable. The frame is rusty but usable, with the addition of a set of wheels, new chain and handlebars this could make a cheap usable hack, if you like riding fixed spend some time stripping the frame and upgrading the parts, you'd have a super bike.

    Someone stole the back wheel off my mtb fixie, I'm swapping this frame to get it back on the road! I have a usable hub but I need a rim and spokes, that's why I'm looking for a 26" wheel."

  • well I've acquired one 26" MTB wheel today so hopefully can sort this frame, ive a root canal tomorrow morning though :(

  • cool, frame getting dropped off tomorrow evening :)

    £5 essentially for the lot :) will start stripping it tomorrow.

  • http://www.flickr.com/photos/34123558@N0­8/4819360862/

    Shes arrived. so far removed brakes, seat post, gears and started cleaning up crank.

    learning as i go tho, no idea how im gonna get crank or stem off lol (yet)

  • just stripping the paint off found the serial.

    its DM900496, so it appears its a dublin built bike before the factory burnt down?

    the badge at the front has the irish badge without the 'made in nottingham' on it. bit of a novelty as it must be one of the last bikes built here. I'm thinking late 70's.

  • I was trying to find out the exact date the factory burnt down but to not much avail.

    As fair as I can gather it burnt down in late 70's and re-opened but as primarily a distribution centre and on a much smaller scale. I figure '79 too as the crank looks too modern for a '69.

  • Phew, smoothed out the frame of pump holder and various gear/brake holders as well as that fugly light connector on the fork is gone :)

    bought the paint im spraying with, just waiting on primer and lacquer arriving from ebay, needs a final sanding and scrub. I must be mad spending this amount of time/money/effort on a raleigh frame, not sure if its even 501. anyway heres a pic to show change and paint color.


    anyone know where you can buy a stem bolt?

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Raleigh bike? but which model?

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