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  • Yeah, you're right, I could have put in PayPal dispute, sent back on resolution, and let seller deal with the insurance. I've never actually done a dispute and I presumed you'd need to provide a chunk of evidence, but as it turned out I provided all that for parcel force anyway. I've claimed on shipping insurance before (as seller) and it was resolved in 5 days, buyer was happy as refund went directly to him. Parcel force however is terrible! I think the payout probably actually went through too, which is why seller decided to suddenly go all quiet - although maybe he'd do that too if it was rejected. Parcel force didn't tell me either way.

  • Parcel Force insurance is a massive scam. It takes minimum 3 weeks to get any reply from them and they just deny every claim I've ever made for some bullshit made up reason. Don't fall for it.

  • Thank you for your considered and reasoned contribution.

    With too many people passing-off unsubstantiated anecdotes as informed advice, it's an uphill struggle trying to help people avoid being disappointed by trading on here.

    You doughnut.

  • @Z4k really feel for you lad, personally I blame the seller. I sold a bike for 1800€ on Monday only wanted it picked up. A lad from Norway wanted it really badly, was so concerned about packaging it up correctly that I ended up having a mate package it and make the deal also insisted that it was insured fully for 2k. Ended up costing me a few hundred but I can sleep at night knowing some lad got his dream bike in good condition.

  • That's a rather sorry situation. To add to the chorus, tracked, properly packed and insured postage is always the best option for both sides whenever an item is of reasonable value. Whenever I've had problems buying online, at least 1 of those things has been missing. It's also worth noting that I've never, ever had a recorded/tracked item disappear or be badly damaged in transit, whereas this year alone I have had 3 non-recorded items simply never turn up.

  • It's also worth noting that I've never, ever had a recorded/tracked item disappear or be badly damaged in transit, whereas this year alone I have had 3 non-recorded items simply never turn up.

    This, so much. It might be a pain in the cunt to claim if something does go wrong but it's my experience too that just having insurance/tracking seems to make it far less likely that something will go wrong and that alone is worth the cost.

  • Shitty situation, but the lesson here is never, ever, ever use bank transfer. Especially when it is a big ticket item from a low post count user based in another country. I've been stung in a very very similar way on a carbon frame that arrived with the head tube smashed, clearly from poor packaging.

    Clearly not an option at the moment and sounds a bit ridiculous, but where postage is expensive, it can be economical to fly to some European cities for the day to collect. Gives total peace of mind for both buyer and seller, and you may end up having a fun day out...Was about £40 return last time I went to Oslo. Clearly have too much time on my hands.

  • Totally agreed on bank transfer - and Paypal gift.

  • Curious, how much did it cost you to take the bike back with you on the flight?

  • People like Jesus should just get banned.

    I know I don't post a lot myself but I'm sick of all these FS users and other idiots who post wanted ads in the wrong sections.

  • Amen, posting a wanted ad outwith the wanted section should be a 1 warning and you’re out offence.

  • Edit.

  • Anybody has dealt before with JamesNQ (James no quarter) or know him personally on here?
    He was responsive to my messages but once I made the payment via paypal he has gone quiet/doesn't reply to messages. And I still have not received anything from him.

    Looks like he’s selling stuff on here again- did you ever get the items or a refund?­31

  • Yes I did eventually receive the parcel weeks after I was supposed to receive it. I wouldn't recommend buying from him though, his communication was very poor too. First time last time for me.

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Bad traders

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